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15 reasons to vote against Donald Trump, which means voting for only candidate who can beat him, HRC

I really just wanted to write a tidy little list cataloguing 10 reasons to vote against Donald Trump, by which I mean vote for the only other viable candidate, Hillary Clinton. I wanted 10 reasons, each of which would in

The very bad Ted Cruz has one shining moment telling GOP convention not to vote for Trump

Though not much into predictions, I’m fairly certain that John Kasich and Ted Cruz will inherit the mantle of leadership of the Republican Party after Donald Trump and the Republican ticket get crushed in November. On the surface, it looks

GOP speakers paint a dystopic, dangerous world deteriorating under Obama, but offer no facts because they have none

Jokes about a Republican fact-free universe have circled the late-night and high-brow magazine circuits since the Bush-Cheney public relations program to build support for the invasion of Iraq. On the first day of the 2016 Republic National Convention, we got

Do the mainstream news media really want Donald Trump to be our next president?

News reporting has never been objective. From the selection of which stories to cover to the determination of which people to quote and what words to use to describe reality, the political and social beliefs of media outlets and their

No relationship between police killing of innocent people & the killing of police, except both are a national tragedy

Those like Rudy Giuliani who believe that the Black Lives Matter movement has led to an increase in violence against police officers have not read the statistics. Killings of American police officers are way down, from 27.88 per 100,000 to

NYT gives Manhattan Institute factotum space to propose more payments to help corps instead of raising min wage

The rearguard action against raising the minimum wage continues quietly in the opinion pages of our major newspapers, and it’s one of the reasons that progressives, liberals and centrists should vote party line Democratic this fall. Simply put, the Democrats