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A Word from Our Sponsor

Today’s blog entry is a commercial for my upcoming poetry reading at the Main Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh at 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 20.  The Library has a budget shortfall and faces the sad possibility of

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Wall to Wall Sound

Last Sunday afternoon under a perfectly mild late summer Atlanta sun, I saw the Atlanta Braves play the Florida Marlins in a tight back-and-forth ball game topped by a late inning rally by the home team.  Yes, I saw the

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They Believe the Lies

The news media everywhere covered a survey released this week by Indiana University that shows that a majority of Americans believe the lies—excuse me, myths— about health care reform that have been polluting the airwaves, virtual space, blogosphere, print pages

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Ideological Subtext, Part 2

NPR gave us a wonderful example of an aspirational kind of ideological subtext this morning in a story about an Iranian-American student at Columbia University and his long-distance relationship with friends in the homeland during these turbulent times.  Near the

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Tar Sand in the Eyes

Michael Lynch, a so-called energy consultant who used to be involved in energy research at MIT’s Center for International Studies, has a silly little piece of specious reasoning in today’s New York Times. The point of Lynch’s article is that

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They’re Still Doing It!

They’re still doing it!  Corporations are still saying no comment, or worse yet, not being available for comment.  I just did a Google news search for both “no comment” and “not available for comment” and found pages of recent examples

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Let’s Focus on the Objectives

I suspect I agree with Bob Herbert more than any other mainstream print columnist I read, but I disagree with his assessment that the now likely health care reform will be a bad thing. First Herbert’s description of probable health

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How About Some Fact-Based Thinking?

  Why are so many of the bedrock principles of the rural-suburban right wing based on misinformation, distortions or bald-faced lies?  Consider these following cornerstones of current conservative thought:   That global warming does not exist and that what warming

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Dumbing Down

The description of “The Marriage of Figaro” in the Pittsburgh Opera’s season ticket solicitation marks a new low in dumbing down the arts.   Here it is: “What is this thing called love?  Imagine protecting your fiancée from a lecherous rival,

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Or Maybe it’s Occam’s Razor

The New York Times has another great example of ideological subtext in a story on the front page of the August 7, 2009 business section titled “Trickle-Down Costs” and again it had to do with the selection of photos. The

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