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Peanut Institute tries to sell its product as a nut to reap benefit of red meat mortality study

This week’s news release by the Peanut Institute uses a common misunderstanding fed by an accident of language to deceive us into thinking that its healthy product is even healthier. The news release repackages the earlier announcement of the release

Some long overdue notes on Lowe’s canceling of its ads on a reality TV show about Islamic-American families

When the news hit last month that Lowe’s, the home improvement chain, was canceling its ads on “All-American Muslim,” a reality show about Muslim families in Michigan, it was with some guilt that I decided not to write about it.

BP hollow advertisement for Gulf Coast beaches and seafood neglects what makes each Gulf state distinctive

While watching five minutes of one of the professional football games this past Sunday, I experienced a very bizarre TV commercial.  On the surface, it had markings of a typical spot promoting tourism: people having fun doing things and eating.

Perhaps the most unneeded products ever are beauty aids like dye and sparkles for women’s privates

Thanks to an article published today by the Associated Press (AP), the American public now knows more than we need to know about a brand new category of products and services: cosmetics for a woman’s most private part. Here are

Mallard Fillmore creates a fantasy news media that’s far more liberal than in real life.

Right-wing accusations that the mainstream news media is liberal, if not left-wing, predate Bruce Tinsley, whose “Mallard Fillmore” comic strip appears daily in Conservative-leaning media.  Tinsley’s contribution to what has been a constant propaganda theme since the Viet Nam War

Iowa straw poll symbolizes today’s elective process: those with money get more say in the voting

The first vote of the presidential election cycle took place this past weekend, and Michele Bachmann squeaked out a 400-vote (one percentage point) victory over the septuagenarian libertarian Ron Paul.   The question on everyone’s tongue is if the straw vote

Weekend deaths remind us that living in a celebrity culture means never having to think.

Let’s pretend that we’re the gods and goddesses of media coverage and we’re faced with the dilemma of deciding how much time and space to spend reporting on the deaths of two prominent people.  We know in advance that we

Government of big business, by big business and for big business wants taxes and regulations to perish from the Earth

Yesterday morning’s news brought two stories that together exemplify our current system of government: regulators who are in bed with the regulated; legislators whose sole constituency comprises big businesses; a government dedicated to lowering taxes and regulations above all else.

I’m sure someone is going to believe the big lie about torture producing the evidence that found bin Laden.

Sometime this past Monday, the head of the House home land security committee, Republican Peter King of New York, made the claim on Fox TV that waterboarding and other torture led to the information that identified Osama bin Laden’s location. 

Why would Direct TV create an ad in which the logic makes one want to not buy the service no matter what?

Sometimes the logic in an ad backfires by creating a situation in which no matter what the viewer concludes, the astute thing to do is not buy the product or service.  Take, for example, the current Direct TV “reading of