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Mythmaking at its best: We hollow the contents out of MLK, then turn him into a “Smokey Bear” of volunteerism.

Once we have established an individual or event as an American myth, marketers, the news media, politicians and others slowly hollow out the person or event of its content, so that it can come to represent anything—and everything. I analyzed

Why is the American Legion spending money to lobby for harsher treatment of illegal immigrants?

It seems as if no matter what time of day it is, whenever I turn on my local ESPN AM radio station, I hear an ad from the American Legion chiding us about the dangers illegal immigration poses to our

In interpreting the mass murder in Tucson, the chattering classes point us in the wrong direction, as usual.

Legal immigrants in upstate New York taking a class to help them prepare for the test to become U.S. citizens… Senior citizens in rural North Carolina in the middle of an exercise class at a rehab center…   A loving extended

Maybe if the media ignores this survey long enough, the opinions of Americans will just go away.

About six months ago, I defined 15 specific propaganda techniques routinely used by the mainstream news media to distort the coverage of news.  Staring in my face—or perhaps hiding in plain sight is a more appropriate phrase—all this time has

Leftovers from the New Year’s weekend: slipping in the propaganda and guess who turns to pay-for-play?

The New York Times rang in the New Year by trying to connect a few statements in a paragraph and create a greater meaning that runs counter to reality.  It was buried on the page A3 continuation of the first

Why does Subway persist in telling the old lie about how to lose weight?

Christmas is over and we’re rolling towards the New Year, which means that once again Subway, the fast-food sandwich chain, is running one of the most deceptive television commercials of the past several years. The background music—The 1812 Overture by

The census report news coverage shows how the media shapes our beliefs by deciding what to cover.

By vote of news coverage, one of the secondary news stories today is the release yesterday of the “5-Year American Community” study by the U.S. Census Bureau.  The way that the news media covered the news is an interesting case

Another liberal writes the history of the past election and forgets about the progressive rally.

I thought I was done raging about the fact that so many liberal commentators are holding the Comedy Central rally up as the one mass initiative on the liberal side of the aisle during the last election season, especially when

Et tu, Frank. So dies an accurate history of the last election.

In Shakespeare’s version of the Julius Caesar story, Caesar struggles against his assassins in the Senate chambers until he sees his good friend and protégé Brutus draw his knife, at which point Caesar whimpers, “Et tu, Brute, so fall Caesar.” “Et

American Express steps into the deep fertilizer big-time by making outrageous claims for a savings account.

Yesterday, I analyzed an ad in which, by selecting the value to attach to its product, Home Depot communicates the ideological American imperative of mindless over-consumption. Let’s turn now to a print ad by American Express that tries to fit