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It’s Rick Perry’s politics and not his religion that should worry us

Depending on if you like him or hate him, Texas Governor Rick Perry became either a cause célèbre or a bête noire this past weekend.  His brave and/or ignoble act was to give the keynote speech before an estimated 8,000

The politics of selfishness defines our age and imbues most political actions.

On the surface, three stories in today’s New York Times seem completely unrelated, but all reflect the underlying theme of our epoch: the politics of selfishness.  In each story, someone or some group acts in its own selfish best interests,

The happy face propaganda about the United States losing its AAA rating has officially begun

Congress has now passed and the President signed the anti-growth, anti-jobs program that resulted from Republicans blackmailing the country about raising the debt ceiling.  And lo and behold!—the stock market tumbles and the rumblings about losing our Triple A credit

Photography exhibit reminds us that on Hiroshima Day Americans should ask for forgiveness and revile Truman

Consider these numbers: Approximately 2,225 people killed a day on average: That’s the number Stalin killed if we accept Robert Conquest’s high estimate of 20 million total Stalin victims over his rule of approximately 25 years. Approximately 6,000 people killed