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Obama shows what unifies U.S. foreign policy since Truman: be a military power first and foremost

During the 2008 elections, when many people, including myself, heard Obama’s view on foreign policy, we focused on his vow to end the war in Iraq and dismantle the Guantanamo prisoner camp, a symbol of our inhumanity to other humans.

Congress prefers to help processed food industry than to help children improve their nutrition.

There was more in the news today than Republican candidates’ self-destruction by means of mouth opening and the idle speculation on what will happen to the Occupy movement now that local governments across the country have decided to clear the

One of history’s great puzzles: what did people ever see in Ronald Reagan and the politics of selfishness?

The United States suddenly changed directions in economic policy about 1980 and in doing so transformed itself from a country that had a fair distribution of wealth to one in which the lion’s share of wealth now goes to a

Wealth gap between young and old widens, but so does gap between richest and poorest in all age groups

Pew Research Center today released a study showing that the gap in wealth between households headed by those over 65 years of age and households headed by those under 35 has grown substantially since the beginning of the great recession. 

Why the idea that people can learn from their mistakes doesn’t apply to Cain’s sexual harassment

In his attempt to address the charges that he sexually harassed three women while he was president of the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in 1996-1999, Herman Cain keeps trying to misdirect the media into side issues. His first misdirection was

The answer to overpopulation is family planning and immigration to richer nations

One of the major themes of the news over the past week has been the public recognition that the population of humans is now hitting the 7 billion mark.  That’s a scary number, that has many worried, and with reason.

BP hollow advertisement for Gulf Coast beaches and seafood neglects what makes each Gulf state distinctive

While watching five minutes of one of the professional football games this past Sunday, I experienced a very bizarre TV commercial.  On the surface, it had markings of a typical spot promoting tourism: people having fun doing things and eating.

Congressional study shows rich have taken a large slice of the economic pie away from poor and middle class

Don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t know that a Congressional Budget Office study now confirms what so many other research studies have been telling us for years: that since 1979 there has been a redistribution of income and wealth up

Banks turn away cash: another sign we should raise taxes and stimulate economy

Banks have too much cash and are taking actions to discourage savers from making more deposits. So reports The New York Times on its front page this morning. Both big national banks and small community banks are concerned that they

Another bad idea from the lone star state: only serving prisoners two meals a day on weekends

It’s one bad idea after another coming from the state of Texas over the past few years: First its governor said that Texas had the legal right to secede from the United States and might do it under certain conditions.