Le Marbre Tremble

Le Marbre Tremble

Le Marbre Tremble was at its inception collaboration between Mark Franko and photographer Ernestine Ruben. The dance used Ruben’s large-scale photographic projections of the caryatids sculpted in the seventeenth-century by Pierre Puget. These two figures (Puget used galley slaves in the port of Marseille as models), one old and one young, were the pretext for the piece, which premiered at the Toulon Art Museum (France) in 1988 as part of a photography exhibit — Le corps/la galère: noir et blanc (The body and suffering: black and white). This dance was also performed in Berlin and New York.

Le Marbre Tremble will be danced again, this time as the product of the collaboration between Mark Franko and Fabian Barba. Fabian started learning this solo, originally performed by Mark, as a way to conjointly investigate the process of transmission of a dance, the relation of that dance to the context in which it was created and in which it is performed and the personal stories mobilized in this operation. The memories, reflections and sensations that constitute the dance will be called onto the stage as an accompaniment to it.

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