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Yes, Mr. Neuharth, the Media Does Color the News

In today’s USA Today, Al Neuharth, the founder of our national MacPaper, chimes in on the controversy that has ensued since some Obama Administration officials said what seems to me to be res ipso loquitor, which in Latin means “a

How to Work With a Marketing Agency

Jampole Communications celebrated its 20th anniversary a few months back and it got me thinking about the ways that agencies and clients interact.   Being a “communications guy,” I turned it into a set of tips for organizations on how to

Trust, but Verify Who Actually Said It.

Here are some of the more than one million pages of news media, books and websites on the Internet that cite Ronald Reagan as having said, “Trust, but verify.” Many of the citers are writing about politics or foreign policy,

And Now for Something Completely Shameless and Self-Promoting

Here’s another self-serving blog entry, but at least it’s about my poetry and not my business: You can now view my complete September 20 performance at the main branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  I read some old favorites

Why Does Pop Culture Tell Us Children Hate to Learn?

Here’s another example of a reporter transmitting one of the foundation myths of our current ideology as communicated in the ideological subtext of news stories, magazine articles, ads, popular fiction and TV shows: that children are naturally uncurious, anti-intellectual and

JetBlue Wants You to Feel Good About What You Eat, But Should You?

On my JetBlue flight to New York yesterday, I was served a small bottle of water and a little pouch of chocolate chip cookies.  Both “food products” tried to create additional value beyond the food/drink by latching on to a

If 35 Economists Said the Sky Was Green

The top economic story of the early week was the wonderful (sic) news of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) that “more than 80% of top economists believe that the recession that started almost two years ago is finally

Media Miss the Peace Prize Point

I wondered the other day how the media would spin the news that our President won the Nobel Peace Prize. The answer was what I suspected it would be, but didn’t state in my post of October 9: In its

Blaming the 70s for Child Rape

Conflation is when you confuse or equate two things that are not equal or do not have similar characteristics.   In the article titled “In Polanski Case, ‘70s Culture Collides With Changed World” on the front page of today’s New York

A Nobel for Not Being Bush

I like Barack Obama.  I voted for him for president.  I like his domestic agenda for the most part. I like the empathy he expresses for the downtrodden.  I applaud the initiatives he has undertaken that won him the Nobel