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The best way to pay me for my blog is to read it.

Several people have recently posted comments that wonder why I’m not getting paid for my posts.  I do appreciate their concern and their desire to put a financial value on my blogging. In the United States, of course, the natural

Calling a thing by a name that it’s not to make the name sound better.

On the front page of the business section in today’s New York Times, David Leonhardt builds his column around a propaganda technique that is really a baroque twist to an old-fashioned rhetorical device.  That is, unless you think Leonhardt really

How the news media helped to spread the lies of this passing decade.

Yesterday I characterized the last decade as “The Lying Zeroes” because so much of the activity of government, business, other institutions and individuals either created lies or was based on lies. The news media turned out to be a primary

Let’s name the passing decade after something a lot of people did well: lie about stuff.

A lot of the punditerazzi in print, broadcast and online news media have been trying to brand the decade that is about to close with something akin to the “Swinging Sixties,” “The Me Decade,” “The Roaring Twenties” or “The Gay

Mike & Mike replacements take a cheap shot at Michael Vick for ratings and Yahoo! follows along like a–dare I say it–lapdog.

Twice this morning on ESPN radio, I heard Erik Kuselias and Mark Schlereth, today’s vacation replacements for Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, try to foment anger against Michael Vick for receiving this year’s Ed Block Courage Award from the Philadelphia

The Glenn Beck Machine Manufactures a Christmas Story for Children

The cover of The Christmas Sweater lists Glenn Beck as the sole author.  It’s only when you get to the second title page that you see that this children’s book is adapted by Chris Schoebinger from an original story by

What do Pleistocene hunters have to do with poker anyway? Absolutely nothing, Mr. McManus.

I wanted a light read for a few days, so I picked up James McManus’ Cowboys Full expecting a history of poker.  But little did I know that first I would have to submit to a painfully twisted Darwinian fairy

Is YouTube the reason for all the Christmas carol parodies in TV commercials?

Has anyone else noticed how many TV commercials for this holiday season revolve around the singing of a traditional Christmas carol with substitute lyrics which tout the products or benefits of buying the advertiser’s wares? Some examples of song parodies

Buy now, pay later turns infantilization into debt slavery.

After signing off yesterday, I realized that I forgot to mention one of the most subtle forms of infantilization of American adults, one that has led to the current deep recession (which I won’t believe is over until there is

The infantilization of the U.S.: more adults are behaving like children today.

Paul Sheldon pointed out to me a recent op/ed piece published in the New York Times by an Oregon high school senior, who tells of the many times in visiting college campuses that she heard the tour guide compare some