Monthly Archives: January 2010

Instead of making banks and businesses act ethically, Roger Lowenstein tells consumers that they don’t have to.

In “The Way We Live” column of this week’s New York Times Magazine, Roger Lowenstein notes that about 10.7 million families owe more on their houses than the homes are currently worth.  He advises those people to do what any

Corn Refiners Fight Myth that Sugar is More Natural

The Corn Refiners Association (CRA) has been running ads on prime time TV in which one mother begins to chide another about serving a fruit drink with corn syrup and the other mother rattles off a few confident assertions that

How to use facts and logical thinking to create the big lie

In an opinion piece that filled half of the New York Times’ Op/Ed page on New Year’s Day, Denis Dutton demonstrates how you can use a logical presentation of accurate facts to create, or in this case, support a lie.