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It’s a disgrace that the mainstream news media don’t consider John Yoo to be a disgraced figure.

John Yoo is torturing the public with a campaign to deny Elena Kagan confirmation to the Supreme Court.  First he came out with a piece that appeared on Op/Ed pages all over the country last weekend castigating Kagan for actions

That day you shoveled snow or the report of a scientific agency. Which do you believe in the global warming debate?

Perhaps my favorite weekly feature in the news media is “Earthweek: A Diary of the Planet,” which I read on page two of the Saturday Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Earthweek is a compendium of five or six small stories about weather or

Why did the mainstream news media wait until after the primary to begin dumping on Rand Paul?

The news media unleashed a tsunami of stories about comments Rand Paul’s made on the 1964 Civil Rights Act, with almost 2,700 stories coming up on Google news within 48 hours.  Adam Nagourney and Carl Hulse wrote the base story

Why does MSNBC’s Alan Boyle feel he has to pander to creationists when talking about the science of evolution?

Earlier this week, MSNBC’s science editor, Alan Boyle, posted an article on the MSNBC website showing how plant and animal life on Mt. St. Helens has responded vigorously and positively to the volcanic eruption 30 years ago.  For example, most

How many children do booze-makers think they keep off their website by asking people to first provide their date of birth?

In yesterday’s blog, I wrote about a Jim Beam ad meant to sell hard liquor to young men.  I wanted to share what happened when I tried to get on the Jim Beam website.  Before letting you on its website,

Were the ad mavens and mavenesses at Jim Beam tipsy when they did some wishful thinking about men and cocktails?

Jim Beam, maker of bourbon, has been doing a lot of wishful thinking in public.  In an ad that Jim Beam has been blasting on ESPN sports talk radio for several months now, the deep-throated announcer describes how great it

What is missing in the new movie version of Robin Hood other than the original myth and lead character?

I won’t be seeing the new Robin Hood until I can get it on Netflix, but people are talking about it now and I do want to get my three cents worth in.  I will refrain from comment on the

There really should be a national “Let’s Celebrate Nothing” Day, except there are no days free for it anymore.

I wonder if there is a single day left during the year in which we are not as a nation officially celebrating something.  First we start with our national holidays such as Christmas, Independence Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, to

Even in a contentless article, there’s still room for ideological brainwashing in the subtext.

Every week at least one article in the “Week in Review” section of the Sunday New York Times is completely devoid of content.  These articles usually use a chatty tone to babble irrelevancies about one aspect of a news story

Facebook is what its name says it is: a book of (public) faces looking out at the world.

Dan Yoder has a very insightful blog detailing the 10 reasons he plans to delete his Facebook account.  I agree with every one of his rationales for abandoning Facebook, all of which have something to do with Facebook’s cavalier and