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Why won’t the mainstream news media give us a firm number for the Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial?

It seems odd to me that in general the mainstream news media seems so reluctant to report a substantial number for those in attendance at Glenn Beck’s rally dedicated to the care and feeding of racial code words.    To

The news media keeps busy covering celebrity worship and parents trying to game the educational system.

A while back I wrote about Parade’s use of the July Fourth celebration as a platform for worshipping celebrity culture.  As I said then, it’s the “modus operandi” (the way it works) in the mass media.  This past Sunday, Parade

Much feature news in the business pages of the newspaper are really little PR packages for products or services.

Yesterday I analyzed an article by Ron Lieber in the Saturday “Business Day” section of the New York Times. I want to take a broader look at the entire section today, because it exemplifies what has been the norm in

Financial columnist offers advice on love to the frugal: spend more money on your dates if you want to impress.

Once again we can count on the New York Times Ron Lieber to present the assumptions of the American ideology of consumerism as facts in an effort to convince readers that the way to happiness is to participate in the

Wal-Mart makes it official: helicopter parents are a demographic group.

For the first time ever, I’ve spotted a TV commercial that focuses on helping the helicopter parent.  So let’s give Wal-Mart the credit it deserves for being the first to go after this upscale target market. I’ve defined helicopter parents

Arguments of those opposed to gay marriage don’t make any sense.

While Ground Zero may have become ground zero in the endless struggle for equal protection under the law, the skirmish in California over same-sex marriage slogs on like World War I’s Battle at Verdun. Every day there’s news about the

It doesn’t matter if you are for or against building the NY mosque, what matters is if you accept it’s legal.

When I first read that a CNN/Opinion Research poll showed that 68% of 935 registered voters said they were against building a mosque in New York City that met all zoning and environmental requirements, I was hopeful that CNN/Opinion Research

Blogger comes clean with his personal agenda of opinions on important issues of the day.

I never said I didn’t have opinions.  I have expressed a number of views over my first year of writing the OpEdge blog.  I think I have expressed these views explicitly and without rhetorical manipulations and that I have proven

Trends in media coverage sometimes may say more about the direction of the country than does the news itself.

One or even two Supreme Court decisions don’t tell you if the court is drifting right or left.  It takes a few years of consistent decisions to suggest where the court is taking us.  And a Supreme Court can often

Day after day, news and entertainment media make unstated assumptions which define the American ideology.

Of the several definitions of ideology in Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, one is relevant to a discussion of communications and propaganda: “a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture.” What I call the ideological subtext