Monthly Archives: November 2010

Is 11% of maybes that important to drug manufacturers, or can they just lower prices and give more away?

The latest issue of AARP Bulletin has a survey on the awareness by consumers of advertising for prescription drugs.  The poll contrasts the percentage of peoples 18-49 and 50+ who experience different types of advertising for prescription drugs.    Although supposedly

Voters reject Tea Party extremists but embrace mainstream media’s glorification of Republicans.

I am dismayed by the number of house seats that fell to Republicans in yesterday’s election, and a little surprised.  Although I study the impact of propaganda every day, it still befuddles me whenever I see people falling for a

LA Times blames continued recession on the honest people paying off their underwater mortgages.

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times identified the true culprit in our continued recession.  All this time I thought it was Congress to blame for not passing a larger stimulus bill that would have included more aid to those out of