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Why does Subway persist in telling the old lie about how to lose weight?

Christmas is over and we’re rolling towards the New Year, which means that once again Subway, the fast-food sandwich chain, is running one of the most deceptive television commercials of the past several years. The background music—The 1812 Overture by

One lesson from the Tang Dynasty: the wealthy always find a way to control things.

I’ve been reading an excellent history of the Tang Dynasty, which ruled most of China from 618-907, during which time China experienced a Renaissance in literature and the arts, especially poetry.  It’s China’s Cosmopolitan Empire: The Tang Dynasty by Mark

A.P. headline writer decides to take an unfair pot shot at President Obama for his so-called “entourage.”

The Associated Press, which supplies virtually all of the national and international news to thousands of newspapers across the country, published an article early this morning about the upcoming winter vacation to Hawaii that President Obama and his family have

Media use census data to divide the country and keep its focus away from more important issues.

In yesterday’s OpEdge entry, I analyzed how the media covered the release of the U.S. Census Bureau’s recent voluminous report.  I found it strange that the New York Times decided to focus its coverage on the fact that the suburbs

The census report news coverage shows how the media shapes our beliefs by deciding what to cover.

By vote of news coverage, one of the secondary news stories today is the release yesterday of the “5-Year American Community” study by the U.S. Census Bureau.  The way that the news media covered the news is an interesting case

Another liberal writes the history of the past election and forgets about the progressive rally.

I thought I was done raging about the fact that so many liberal commentators are holding the Comedy Central rally up as the one mass initiative on the liberal side of the aisle during the last election season, especially when

I’m old enough to remember where I was the night John Lennon died.

Thirty years ago on the evening of December 8, I was working as a fill-in writer for the award winning 10:00 pm news show on KTVU, the independent Oakland, California broadcast television station.  (To give you a flavor of what

If the federal debt is such an important problem, why are we extending temporary tax cuts to the wealthy?

Most of what we hear out of Washington, from Republicans especially but also from Democrats, is that the federal deficit has grown so much that if we don’t address it now, our economy will enter rapid and permanent decline.  And

The difference in attitude between Wikileaks leader and a government leader or CEO? Absolutely nothing.

 Last June, The New Yorker ran a feature story about the founder and head honcho of Wikileaks, Julian Assange.    In conversations, more than one person who doesn’t like what Wikileaks is doing has referred to that article, and in particular

The latest Wikileaks leaks beg the question: when is leaking right and when is it wrong?

A few months back, I was very happy that Wikileaks leaked U.S. government documents, because the material demonstrated a pattern of misconduct and abuse in the conduct of current U.S. wars.  It was exhilarating to see yet more proof of