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Who killed more people: the Nazis or the monarchs of England? It’s an open question.

Imagine seeing the following movie: Hitler learns that on his visit with Mussolini, he will have to attend a formal ball.  It will be expected that he dance at least three or four dances, certainly with Mrs. Mussolini and perhaps

Science Times article creates Darwinian myths to explain harmless flirting and mating behavior.

The Science Times, the New York Times’ weekly science section, just can’t get enough of those pseudo-scientific stories in which the reporter tries to connect contemporary sexual mores with the theory of natural selection.  The argument, always, is that we

Plastic Surgeons’ prez wants to call a rare cancer linked to breast implants a “condition.”

Every once in a while I read a news story that’s so slimy and in which civilized humans act so poorly that it makes me want to take a shower or disinfect.  The latest skin-crawler comes from Dr. Phil Haeck

The Republicans want to do as much as they can before they are kicked out of office.

The Republicans in state offices are taking the fact that their supporters voted in the last election whereas the Democrats’ supporters stayed home as an absolute mandate for change.  I’m not the first and hopefully won’t be the last to

Watson computer win over “Jeopardy!” champion is another victory for humankind.

Ken Jennings, the “Jeopardy!” champion who lost a globally-watched three-day match of the TV game to the Watson computer, got it completely wrong when, upon acknowledging his defeat, he said, “I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.” All those

Journey into designer mac & cheese and vending machine food, and get an upset stomach just reading the menu.

I’m going to do in my blog life exactly what I do in real life: ignore (St.) Valentine’s Day, a minor Christian holiday with pagan roots that has developed into an annual ritual in which human beings buy unneeded luxuries

Chris Lee must have had a subconscious wish to out himself.

The Chris Lee affair exemplifies the weird results obtained from the mixture of politics and private life.  Lee is the married-with-lovely-children Congressman who just resigned from office because a photo he had emailed to a woman he had met through

On his 100th B-day, we recall that Reagan broke the law and took money from the poor and gave it to the rich

The weekend marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan, and a lot of people used the occasion to wrap themselves in the flag called Ronald Reagan.  Our current President Barack Obama reminded the country how much he

Maybe Texas should spend less money on high school football and more on educating its children.

Texas high school football has been in the news a lot lately.  First came the report last weekend that a high school in Allen, Texas is building a $60 million stadium for its football team.  Then came the story about

Pundits use extreme and extremely unrealistic Tiger Mom as a straw man to support American anti-intellectualism.

My initial reaction to the Tiger Mom concept of parenting that Amy Chua presented in early January in her Wall Street Journal article titled “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” was to dismiss it as the ranting of a neurotic mother