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You can ignore the royal wedding, but not the overwhelming presence of celebrity culture

It all seems so trivial, the growing focus of our mass culture on the upcoming wedding of a young man of fairly middling accomplishments who represents one of the most odious ideas ever invented by humans-that some people are inherently

Let’s change tax policy to favor only those capital gains going to productive ends.

A capital gain, according to Investopedia, is “an increase in the value of a capital asset (investment or real estate) that gives it a higher worth than the purchase price. The gain is not realized until the asset is sold.”

The idea that tax breaks for wealthy create jobs is hooey; in fact it’s taxing the wealthy that creates jobs.

I’m a little late to mention it, but the usually estimable Charles M. Blow added to the massive evidence that lowering taxes on the wealthy does not create jobs, nor build additional wealth, but in fact destroys jobs and wealth.

More from the speech I gave connecting the attack on public unions to 30 years of taking from everyone to give to the wealthy

More from the speech I gave two nights ago at the monthly meeting of the Pittsburgh Area Jewish Committee (PAJC): To belabor what is probably obvious, shrinking the percentage of the workforce covered by unions shifts money up the economic

The speech I gave last night connected the attack on public unions to 30 years of taking from everyone to give to wealthy

I gave the following remarks yesterday evening at the monthly meeting of the Pittsburgh Area Jewish Committee (PAJC). My topic was “putting the Attack on Public Unions in Perspective.”  I spoke after Sam Williamson, Associate Manager of the Pennsylvania Joint

The President’s opening volley in the budget deficit battle is a surrender to the right-wing.

After President Obama’s capitulation to the right-wing in the budget deficit plan he presented yesterday, I thought it might be in order to review what progressives got when we hoped Barack Obama would make a more effective president than his

By selecting the criteria, Investopedia influences retirees to conclude that the south and the suburbs are best.

A great example of fixing the game before the game starts can be seen in “5 Things to Consider When Choosing Where to Retire,” which Investopedia distributed to Yahoo! Finance and other portals aggregating articles on personal finance over the

Cuts to needed programs in budget compromise avoidable by letting temporary tax cuts for the wealthy expire.

Everyone in Washington looks as happy as cherrystone clams at high tide this morning after the budget compromise that prevented a shutdown of the federal government. “Today Americans of different beliefs came together again,” said President Barack Obama. “We made

New Republican majorities try to curtail a woman’s right to an abortion in many states.

While the war on public unions is getting most of the ink, new Republican majorities in state legislatures are quietly also moving to curtail the rights of women to have abortions in a large number of states. Arizona just became