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Food companies can now stop their “pyramid-scheming” and start to square the circle

This past Memorial Day weekend brought news from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that it is taking the wrecking ball to the food pyramid, which USDA, nutritionists and countless school curricula have used to try to educate children (and

Associated Press spins its own poll about the public’s perception of Medicare and Social Security

Yesterday the Associated Press released the latest version of its surveys with GfK and it shows that two-thirds of the public say that Social Security or Medicare benefits can’t be cut because they are vital to their financial security as

Three ideas for public school districts facing massive budget cuts.

Yesterday morning I entered the following search terms into Google News: “budget cuts school district.”  I didn’t stop perusing the articles until I got through 40 of the more than 7,000 listed, and the articles were still dated May 21

Scientist Tim Flannery ties Darwinian myths to politics of selfishness and myth of free markets

From time to time, I analyze pop science and pop psychology articles that try to infer in current mores the echoes of primordial genes trying to propagate themselves through the selfish behavior of the animals containing them.  On any number

Santorum tells torture victim John McCain that McCain doesn’t understand how torture works

Torture supporters keep repeating the big lie that torture helped to find Osama bin Laden not just to re-spark the debate on the value of torture, but also to twist its terms in a way that assumes that it’s legal.

It was okay for Facebook to hire PR pros to go after Google until they started to lie and conceal the client’s name

Don’t be shocked by the news that Facebook hired public-relations agency Burson-Marsteller to plant negative stories about Google ‘s social-networking feature, Social Circle.  Companies, governments and politicians try to plant stories and create Internet buzz all the time in an

Who cares what politicians do in their private lives as long as they don’t condemn the same in others

One of the major themes in the news lately has been the sex life of Republican candidates for President.  Will Newt Gingrich’s standing with “values” voters suffer because he was “dating” his current wife while his then-wife was recovering from

The only people who benefit from House Republican axe to Medicaid are those with insurance and without hearts

The Kaiser Foundation and Urban Institute today released their analysis of what happens if the Republic House budget is passed, and it’s real bad: 44 million more Americans will lose Medicaid health insurance coverage. Who could possibly benefit from 44

I’m sure someone is going to believe the big lie about torture producing the evidence that found bin Laden.

Sometime this past Monday, the head of the House home land security committee, Republican Peter King of New York, made the claim on Fox TV that waterboarding and other torture led to the information that identified Osama bin Laden’s location. 

Bin Laden dies, and where ignorance meets deviousness, you’re sure to find Tom Corbett

First, my reaction to the breaking news:  I’m delighted that we caught Osama bin Laden, but dismayed that our troops killed him.  He should have lived to stand trial and after conviction, been sentenced to rot away his years in