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The war that’s ended twice is still going on, much to the delight of military contractors.

The news this morning that U.S. military casualties in Iraq are at their highest since 2008 must have surprised many people who thought the war ended last August.  And those Rip van Winkles among us who just woke up after

Do people not know what a liar Michele Bachmann is, or don‘t they care?

My first real awareness of Michele Bachmann came about a year ago when she proclaimed from the Conservative media rooftops that 2 million people attended the Glenn Beck march in Washington.  That was 25 times the number that scientific methodologies

Bomb Afghanistan, buy reverse mortgage, slash payroll tax: the weekend saw a lot of stupid ideas

Is it something in the water? Or maybe it’s a weird side effect of Fukushima radiation hitting the American shore? Or maybe it’s because our political and policy-making classes have all been drinking the same free market Kool-Aid? Lapped up,

The media’s obsession with deep-fried weird foods reflects a society fixated on consumption

The last few days has seen this year’s two-day cycle of stories about deep-fried food at state fairs.  For the past several years, virtually all national and much local coverage of state fairs has reduced to a gee-whiz feature on

Government of big business, by big business and for big business wants taxes and regulations to perish from the Earth

Yesterday morning’s news brought two stories that together exemplify our current system of government: regulators who are in bed with the regulated; legislators whose sole constituency comprises big businesses; a government dedicated to lowering taxes and regulations above all else.

Survey suggests debt is now the dueling scar of our society: a disfiguring sign you’ve made it.

Among the upper classes in the Germany and Austria of the late 19th and the first few decades of the 20th century, dueling scars, called “Mensur,” were considered a badge of honor, a sign of status.  Fencing was the most

Children on Medicaid are denied care as many docs become hypocritical about the Hippocratic Oath

A study by a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Pennsylvania released this morning shows that children on Medicaid are denied care more and have to wait much longer for appointments than other children.  The details of the

FCC recommendations to increase reporting depend on the free market that has gutted news coverage

Don’t berate yourself for missing the release of a study the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released late last week.  As of this morning, Google News reports only 13 stories in total.  Most of the stories were based on a New

OpEdge’s uses the well-worn “define chutzpah” rhetorical technique to describe Weiner, Senate and others.

If a Jewish nonfiction writer sticks around long enough, he or she will be tempted to use the shop-worn “define chutzpah” rhetorical device, which consists of defining chutzpah and then applying the term to the acts or statements of someone

Right-wingers rewriting contemporary history for years find it’s not so easy to do so 200 years later.

The news that Palinistas, followers of Sarah Palin, tried to rewrite the history of the American Revolutionary War on Wikipedia shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been following the news media for the past few years.  Right-wingers, with a helpful assist