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A modest proposal in case Congress won’t raise the debt ceiling and Obama doesn’t act unilaterally

As our befuddled and recalcitrant Congress and President move us ever closer to the abyss of default, we are beginning to hear the Administration’s payment plan if the debt ceiling is not raised by next Tuesday, August 2.  All we

Weekend deaths remind us that living in a celebrity culture means never having to think.

Let’s pretend that we’re the gods and goddesses of media coverage and we’re faced with the dilemma of deciding how much time and space to spend reporting on the deaths of two prominent people.  We know in advance that we

Selecting between 3 plans to slash deficit/raise debt ceiling is like choosing between hamburger joints

As reported in today’s New York Times, we now have three plans to reduce the deficit as a condition of raising the debt ceiling: 1) The McConnell-Reid Outline; 2) “Gang of 6” Plan; and 3) The Tea Party Plan (AKA

Bachmann’s private life is fair game to media only when it reflects on her ability to do the job.

It must be “Get Michele Bachmann” Week, what with the succession of rumors, innuendos and news swirling about her over the past few days, including: She believes that black farmers against whom the U.S. government practiced discrimination do not deserve

No-cost contraception will cut healthcare bills and abortion rates.

Hallelujah!  Finally some very good news: the Institute of Medicine, which advises the U.S. government on health issues, has recommended that healthcare plans provide contraception free to women, including the accident-erasing Plan B pill.   The news should cheer three groups:

Turning from the circus in Washington to history: who was worse—Stalin, Hitler, the Brits?

My writing mind wants to escape for a little bit from the farcical circus in Washington, as our elected officials play chicken with our debt-fueled economy.  So come with me to the more refined world of historical assessment. I read

A case history of relative deprivation: Netflix raises its prices and people complain.

Transport yourself back in time about 10 years, and assume you have some kind of a decent job.  With the price of movie tickets pushing eight-nine bucks and pay TV offering a disappointing selection of movies, wouldn’t you have paid

The Republicans’ way out of the debt ceiling impasse is to give more power to the President

The Republicans have painted themselves into a corner on the debt ceiling limit by linking Congressional approval to raise the ceiling to a strict program of spending cuts with no tax increases. Let’s set aside for one instant the fact

Disparate impact of recession on Blacks shows that institutional racism still exists

If anyone had any doubt about the racial bias of the current recession, the Associated Press article that came out this past weekend should be an epiphany, a revelation or the nail in the coffin.  There can be no doubt:

It’s like déjà vu: carmakers want to weasel out of higher MPG standards like they wanted to weasel out of airbags

One of the themes in the news this week has been the haggling over higher miles-per-gallon standards between the Obama Administration and U.S. automakers.  The most comprehensive reports have been in The New York Times and The Washington Post. As