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The symbolism of a “slutwalk” is clear: No means no

The current issue of Nation has an opinion piece by Salamishah Tillet that discusses a term of which I was only vaguely aware before: the slutwalk. A slutwalk is an anti-rape march and street protest.  As I understand it, the women

The time has come to run warnings on TV commercials for fast food, junk food and processed food

When traveling in foreign lands I always tune into the local TV for a few hours each day.  I’m currently in the middle of a two-week trip to France (which explains why the OpEdge blogs have not been as topical

After deciding to deep-six Islamic-tinged white bread music, did PA school board have Mexican fast food for lunch?

Around my house, when one wants to give an example of sappy and saccharine light classical music, one usually invokes Borodin’s “Polovtsian Dances.”  And when we want to disparage the kind of corny white-bread show-tune music of our parents’ generation,

With its military sales, the United States reverses Isaiah, turning plowshares into swords

America buys oil from Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.  We buy cars from Japan, South Korea and Europe.  And from China, we buy clothes, appliances, plastic goods, toys, shoes and medical equipment. But for what goods and services are

Another survey of “best” cities fixes the outcome by selection of what they think is important for the good life

The latest mass media survey of the best cities in which to live again fixes the results by putting bias into the criteria by which it measures things.  The fix is always in favor of an automobile, mall and chain

Anti-death penalty movement and the idea of justice go one for two in stays of execution

In baseball parlance, the anti-death penalty movement has batted 500 over the past 24 hours.  The Supreme Court of the United States stopped the execution of white man Cleve Foster, but the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles denied clemency

Obama finally shows backbone with “Buffett tax” on millionaires; Republicans respond with same old nonsense

Bravo to President Obama for remembering his progressive roots and the location of his spine and proposing the Buffett tax, named after billionaire financier Warren Buffett who says he and his fellow ultra-wealthy should be paying more in taxes. The

Is the Obama Administration planning to go to war in Somalia and Yemen?

Reading the lead story on the front page of today’s New York Times certainly sent a shiver up and down my spine, as I’m sure it did for many people.  The Times story discusses a debate in administration circles on

Perhaps the most unneeded products ever are beauty aids like dye and sparkles for women’s privates

Thanks to an article published today by the Associated Press (AP), the American public now knows more than we need to know about a brand new category of products and services: cosmetics for a woman’s most private part. Here are

Obama’s plan should depend more on job creation and less on giving more money to people who have jobs

The tax cut part of the Obama plan is a big mistake because it gives more money to people who already have money, instead of directly creating jobs for people who don’t have jobs. The centerpiece of the Obama plan,