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What the increase in kids with subsidized school lunches has to do with making society like professional sports

Day after day, people suffer financially outside the public view. They lose their jobs. Their unemployment benefits expire. They can’t pay their mortgage, and if they sell the house, they’ll still owe money to the bank. They move in with

Media and pandering politicians should hang heads in shame at goading vaccine deniers to put children at risk

The news sent a chill up my spine: In eight states more than 1 in 20 school children now don’t get all the vaccines required for attendance. The number of parents denying vaccines to their children is up in virtually every

Mainstream media spin Black Friday sales and limited violence to support the ideological imperative to shop

In a weekend OpEdge entry, I concluded that the three small incidents of violence reported nationally on Black Friday demonstrated how docile a society we have become. An Associated Press writer used the same three incidents to build a case

The lack of Black Friday violence demonstrates that Americans love to wait on line

A woman pepper sprays her fellow shoppers to get close to the XBox she wants to buy. A robber shoots a shopper in the parking lot of a mall. A cop bloodies the face of a senior citizen who was

Since god-given talent and IQ give some people an edge, why reward them so much for winning?

I’m still catching up with the Sunday newspapers.  I want to recommend “Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters” by David Z. Hambrich and Elizabeth J. Meinz, both professors of psychology, that appeared in the “Sunday Review” section of the New York Times.

When will media stop trying to sell us on a car- and mall-dependent suburban life?

It’s really hilarious how often it is that some organization or another comes up with a study that concludes that the best place to live or raise a family is a distant suburb in which all there is to do

Thumbs up to Naomi Klein’s six strategies for addressing climate change; thumbs down to tax-hating Republicans

Everyone should read “Capitalism vs. the Climate,” Naomi Klein’s fine article on a wide range of climate change issues in the November 28 issue of The Nation.  First Klein presents a lively history of how the right wing has reduced

When they start going after Franco Harris for supporting his father figure, Joe-Pa, it’s called a witch hunt

Franco Harris has become collateral damage in the Penn State child sex abuse scandal. Franco is best known for making one of the four or five greatest plays in professional football history, catching a ball that evidently bounced off the

Obama shows what unifies U.S. foreign policy since Truman: be a military power first and foremost

During the 2008 elections, when many people, including myself, heard Obama’s view on foreign policy, we focused on his vow to end the war in Iraq and dismantle the Guantanamo prisoner camp, a symbol of our inhumanity to other humans.

Congress prefers to help processed food industry than to help children improve their nutrition.

There was more in the news today than Republican candidates’ self-destruction by means of mouth opening and the idle speculation on what will happen to the Occupy movement now that local governments across the country have decided to clear the