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NY Times tells us the 75 things from 2011 that it wants us to talk about and remember

The New York Times “Thursday Styles” section today published its list of the 75 things that New Yorkers talked about in 2011, one of the silliest and yet most ideologically tinged of the seemingly infinitude of annual lists published in

Why do media wait till a Republican candidate is on a roll to bring out the dirt?

Almost overnight Ron Paul began to rise in the Iowa polls. And it seems as if it were only a day later that we discovered that he lent his name to some odious assertions and cuckoo beliefs. Do you see

Old Xmas movie shows which ideological imperatives have changed and which remain the same

Last night I flipped on Turner Classic Movies for a half hour after returning from participating in a revered Christmas Eve and Christmas tradition among American Jews—having Chinese food with family and friends.  I caught the last 20 minutes of

Mainstream media make anti-union ideology an accepted premise in many stories

This past week I have encountered more proof that anti-unionism is now part of the arsenal of ideological assumptions that the mass media makes on our behalf. I saw two examples of an anti-union subtext in articles by two writers

FCC plan to ease media ownership rules will further limit the type of news and opinions that Americans get

The Obama Administration is once again displaying its conservative feathers as proudly as any peacock might.  The same group of pseudo-progressives who overruled distribution of Plan B birth control without an I.D. and executed an about-face to gut proposed higher

In class war, House Republicans must think they’re the 300 Spartans dying politically so wealth inequality can survive

House Republicans persist in stonewalling an agreement to extend and expand the temporary cut in Social Security and Medicare taxes (AKA payroll taxes). After holding the U.S. economy hostage time and again to maintain temporary tax cuts for the wealthy

Vocal opposition to preparations for sea-level rise on Virginia coast is end game for anti-science ideology

Goya’s masterful etching, “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters,” has haunted western culture since it first appeared as part of Los Caprichos in 1797. Goya brings to life the idea that reason can produce monsters with his usual light but

Many electronic games are leading to the infantilization of American adults, but not all of them

A number of times over the past few years I have made derogatory references to video or electronic games, always as substantiation of my theory that our mass culture encourages adults to hold onto childish entertainments and habits. But I

Target misses the target completely with ads that turn Christmas into nothing more than a chore

The best advertising attempts to evoke an emotion in the viewer or listener and then link that emotion to the product or service for sale.  Budweiser has a series of ads meant to make you feel patriotic that it runs

Tebow has right to pray in public and others have the right to find it obnoxious

Tim Tebow has every right to do his little public prayer at football games. His drop to one knee is protected speech under the Constitution of the United States. And I have every right to tell the world how much