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Population decline does not have to lead to economic decline, despite assumptions of economists and media

January 31, 2012 The mainstream news media in the United States have put a completely negative spin on the news that by 2060 Japan will lose one third of its population by natural means—no famine, no war, no epidemic, no

Despite complaints by Newt supporters, media is consistent in treatment of politicians’ sex lives

January 30, 2012 Over the weekend, Gannett columnist Michael Reagan (the adopted child of former president Ronald Reagan) decried the double standard that compelled the news media to publicize Newt Gingrich’s past sexual peccadilloes after it ignored the affair that

By defending Mitt and Newt income, Santorum defends a corrupt, unfair and unlevel playing field

Some in the news media have praised Rick Santorum for his “Why can’t we all just get along” moment in the middle of the Jacksonville, Florida performance of the traveling reality show called the 2012 Republican debates.  The pundits missed

Who will make weaker opponent for Obama: Mitt or Newt? Doesn’t matter if progressives don’t vote

January 25, 2012 Progressives, liberals and blue-dog Democrats face an interesting mental puzzle: Who do we want to win the Republican presidential nomination: Mitt Romney, who is seen as being able to attract more centrist and independent voters and therefore

Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow shows why propaganda is effective: the mind wants to be fooled

I’ve been reading Daniel Kahneman’s very accessible and entertaining Thinking, Fast and Slow, which is his highly anecdotal take on more than 40 years of research by him, his students, his friends and his associates about how the mind operates.

CliffsNotes Shakespeare cartoons work as literary travesty, but not as a teaching aids

One of the four short subjects on the “Blackboard” page of the New York Times’ quarterly “Education Life” insert is a gee-whiz Cheez-whiz feature on CliffsNotes Films recent release of animated seven-minute versions of six of Shakespeare’s most often-taught plays.

Another skirmish won and lost in three-way battle for control of the Internet

The one-day protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA)  accomplished its objective: With three major sponsors running from the proposed legislation, SOPA and PIPA backers are scrambling to revise the law to

For the best model of how the rich run America, buy Domhoff’s books and visit his website

My son and I enjoyed the distinct pleasure of having lunch in a Chinese restaurant in Santa Cruz, California with G. William Domhoff the other day. Bill Domhoff has long studied and written about the sociology of power, which means

Forbes publisher says Kodak failed because of Rochester location, but wouldn’t blame environment for a person’s failure

Rich Karlgaard’s publication, Forbes, has long glorified the lone captain of industry who shapes the destiny of companies and nations. The flip side of its great man theory is the belief that people are responsible for their own fates and should

Backers of anti-worker legislation use front organization to shill for another front organization run by PR firm

A recent full-page ad in many of the national daily newspapers pictures the newly deceased North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il and his youngest son, who replaced him as supreme ruler, Kim Jong-un. Both are deep in concentration, as if they