Monthly Archives: February 2012

Forget about racism. By denigrating food stamps, Newt attacks all poor people regardless of race

February 8, 2012 Newt Gingrich has persisted in calling President Obama the “food stamp” president, despite the fact that more people went on food stamps during Bush II’s presidency than during the Obama presidency.  What I find interesting is how looks devoid of ideology, but proposes a secular religion that accepts the status quo

While channel-surfing last night I stumbled on a TV commercial selling the idea that people should say ”please” and “thank you.” After the Miss Manners seminar, the ad sends the viewer to the website. The website is a

Those supporting a woman’s right over her own body should stop sending money and walking for Komen

February 2 2012 It’s time for anyone who supports a woman’s right to an abortion to stop giving money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and to stop participating in its walks.  Send your money to other organizations fighting breast

A terrifying reminder of the thousands of nuclear weapons stockpiled around the world

February 1, 2012 My son recently sent me a very beautiful but frightening piece of video art that more than 609,000 people have seen since it was uploaded onto Youtube in October 2010. The video punches us in the face