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Take a look around and everywhere you’ll see the benefits of government to businesses and people

Yesterday I took a local Metro North train from White Plains, where I had been meeting with a client, back to Manhattan, where we’re staying for a few days. The train was crowded and along the way I saw people get

Anti-global warming professor may or may not know physics, but he sure knows propaganda

William Happer, a physicist at Princeton who specializes in optics and spectroscopy (study of wavelengths), authored an anti-global warming screed in this morning’s Wall Street Journal which could serve as a primer for propaganda techniques. The article pretends to prove

Atheist march reminds that in our secular society there shouldn’t be polarization between believers and nonbelievers

Yesterday’s rally of atheists, agnostics and others who don’t believe in religion had a flavor of liberation politics. The tone of the language reported across the country and around the world resembled the kind of pleas for recognition that people

Paul Starr’s Remedy and Reaction offers insightful review of the history of U.S. health care reform

With the Supreme Court considering multiple challenges to the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 next week, OpEdge readers might want to delve into the long-term history of health care reform in the United States. If so, there

For Mitt Romney, freedom’s just another word for nothing left to win

The core of Romney’s big speech in Chicago yesterday was his accusation that the Obama Administration has pursued “an assault on freedom” with new business regulations and higher taxes. The expression freedom is bandied about a lot, especially by Republicans

According to Mickey D’s, the hot spot for octogenarians to hook up for romance is Mickey D’s

For the first time ever, the fast food version of Siva the Destroyer, AKA McDonald’s, is going after senior citizens—and I don’t mean newly AARPed 50-year-olds, but those in their late 70s and early 80s. I saw this commercial for

Peanut Institute tries to sell its product as a nut to reap benefit of red meat mortality study

This week’s news release by the Peanut Institute uses a common misunderstanding fed by an accident of language to deceive us into thinking that its healthy product is even healthier. The news release repackages the earlier announcement of the release

NY Times article shows that wealthy get more in tax breaks than poor do in benefits

Bravo to Eduardo Porter for his article titles “A Nation of Too Many Tax Breaks” on the front page of today’s New York Times’ business section. Porter demonstrates that while the poor do get more in government benefits, the rich

Television commercials enter our cultural pantheon next to Shakespeare and Lincoln

It seems as if it were only yesterday that I first saw the new TV commercial starring Mean Joe Greene, a professional football player from the 1970s. The commercial, for a laundry detergent, parodies a TV spot that Mean Joe

Covering birth control v. ED pills illuminates what health insurance is supposed to do

After I wondered the other day why those against health insurance covering birth control for women make no such objection to coverage of erectile dysfunction pills, several people tweeted me to uncover what they think is a fatal flaw in