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Roberts did what he always does: support interests of big business, which likes the healthcare act

I didn’t make a prediction in print on whether the Supreme Court would rule that the Affordable Care Act was constitutional or not, but I told several friends that I thought the vote would be 6-3 in favor of the

Court backs clean air and science in ruling that EPA can regulate against global warming

Whatever the Supreme Court  announces later this week related to the Affordable Care Act, another court in the land has made a landmark decision that will improve the health and well-being of everyone in the United States, if not the says that all of us can live our dreams, and uses as its example a fictional frog

Four months ago I thought I dispensed with the website, a hodgepodge of feel-good slogans and stories, funded by billionaire Phillip Anschutz through The Foundation for a Better Life. At that time I wrote about the following about the

Art experts refuse to stand up to forgeries and mislabeled art for fear of being sued

An article in today’s New York Times details a very disturbing trend: curators, scholars and other art experts are refusing to have an opinion on whether a work of art is genuine or not. By genuine, what the article and

OMG! sinks to new low in anti-intellectualism: celebs who never graduated from high school

OMG!, Yahoo!’s online celebrity magazine, has commemorated the fact that third-rate actor Mark Wahlberg finally earned his G.E.D. by giving us a list of 11 actors and models who never finished high school. The photo-story consists of a list that

Opponents to minimum wage use illogical assumptions and imaginary anecdotes as their arguments

I have rarely received as negative a reaction as when I lambasted Professor Thomas Sowell the other day for, among other things, his opposition to the minimum wage—any minimum wage. The number of negative comments rivaled what I received when

Writer’s dream of retirement assumes that no one likes city living

I was going to ignore the silly article by Tom Sightings titled “Dreams of the Ideal Retirement Home” in the latest U.S. News & World Report, but it hasn’t left the home and news pages of the major Internet news

Thomas Sowell proved long ago that he has neither soul nor heart for the working class

In his most recent column, which I saw in today’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Thomas Sowell patronizes the working class by imagining a group of educated people who look down on manual and semi-skilled labor. He characterizes Utopian intellectuals who “lament that

Once again, whites losing ground economically prefer the candidate whose party is responsible

You wouldn’t ask a fox to guard a henhouse. Nor would you ask a known thief to serve as treasurer for a charity. And you certainly wouldn’t have a child molester chaperone a two-week Cub Scout camping trip. And yet