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Romney will do a good job at implementing whatever plan his masters give him

Mitt Romney comes to the American people with business acumen as his best selling point. No doubt about it: Mitt Romney has demonstrated that he is a highly successful business executive. He made hundreds of millions for his company when

“We built it” doesn’t mean much when the “it” depends on so many things built by society

The people carrying the “We built it” signs on the floor of the Republican Convention are not referring to the same “thing” to which President Obama referred when he rhetorically said “You didn’t build that” to business owners in a

Romney’s energy plan: it’s déjà vu again for regressive energy policies

I was expecting to read that Cassandra Peterson, AKA Elvira Mistress of the Night, helped Mitt Romney with his many props as he explained his energy plan yesterday, because it was, as Cassandra in her low-cut, high thigh-slit gown, used

Those wanting more individual freedom and economic equity must vote for Obama this November

As it turns out, when you put the voters leaning one way or another in the respective columns of President Obama and Mitt Romney (I am reluctant to call him governor, sine he has repudiated everything he did as a

The real definition of legitimate rape: if a woman says “no”

I’m not sure what Missouri Republican candidate to the U.S. Senate Todd Akin and other social conservatives mean by the term “legitimate rape.” When considering new terms or idiomatic expressions, the Urban Dictionary is sometimes useful. It just came out

Why would a science writer go on a campaign to belittle education and celebrate ignorance?

Tooling around the Internet, I found two Forbes articles by a science writer named David DiSalvo that denigrate education and knowledge. Both are lists, one of do’s and the other of don’ts. But instead of just titling the articles, “Some stuff,

NBC hides conservatives message in the photos it shows to hype news website

Because I clicked on the magnificent basketball game between the United States and Spain a minute early yesterday, I got to see NBC perpetrate a classic example of hiding the message in the photographs.  This deceptive propaganda trick came in

Romney’s Ryan play to the core will only work if the Republicans can suppress enough votes

For those who have trouble telling Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor apart, Ryan is the thin one with the angular jaw, full head of hair and arrogant demeanor. I guess that didn’t help much. All kidding aside, Mitt Romney’s selection

Romney’s welfare lies meant to energize the Tea Party crowd

The question for the day is why a public figure lies when it’s so easy to refute the lie? This question develops naturally from the latest Romney fiasco—his accusation that President Obama has loosened the work requirement for welfare. This

Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death gets more coverage than dropping of Hiroshima atom bomb

Perhaps because 67 is not a round number and has no magic attached to it, I should have expected the news media to pay little attention to the anniversary of the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima, the first