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One quarter of the year now dedicated to the X-mas potlatch of conspicuous consumption

Congratulations to Frontgate, a retail company selling home décor and furnishings with locations in Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio, plus a website and catalogue business. Frontgate is the first company to try to sell me something related to Christmas this

Nicklaus may have been a great golfer, but he doesn’t know jack about politics, economics or the way societies work

Jack Nicklaus, who is on everyone’s short list of the greatest golfers of all time, has been travelling with Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee for president campaigns through Nicklaus’ home state of Ohio. Nicklaus is a loud supporter of

Charitable giving by Romneys and Obamas in 2011 proves they’re generous and nothing else

Several of the Romney supporters who read OpEdge have pointed out how much more money the Romneys gave away to charity in 2011 than the Obamas.  While the Obamas are well off—certainly part of or close to the notorious 1%–the

Fox News and Wall Street Journal mislead American public with their coverage of climate change

The Union of Concerned Scientists yesterday announced the findings of a study it undertook of the accuracy of Fox News and Wall Street Journal (WSJ) opinion page coverage of climate change, which has become the polite euphemism for describing the

Mitt Romney declares class warfare against poor and near-poor.

Others have already done a good job of reporting and analyzing the latest manifestation of Mitt Romney’s foot-in-mouth disease, aka his declaration of class warfare against the poor and near-poor that he recently made in front of a group of

An argument in favor of reading the daily news in a hard copy newspaper

We were having some irritating problems with our home delivery of the New York Times so over a period of about 12 weeks I went back and forth between reading the Times online and in hard copy.  Reading the newspaper

Details from advisors shows Romney would follow same basic foreign policy, but would he do it as effectively?

Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisors Eliot Cohen and Richard Williamson have provided details of Romney’s differences from Obama on foreign policy. But if we take the New York Times version as approximately accurate, it boils down to nuances and that

Contrast in foreign policy styles: Obama is rational & resolved. Romney shoots from hip, then lies

The terrorists who planned and pulled off the attack on the American Embassy in Libya that killed four Americans should be condemned. They are violence-loving extremists with an irrational hate of the United States. But the people who created and

Are there any appreciable foreign policy differences between Obama and Romney

Like many of the left with pacifist leanings, I am disappointed with President Obama’s foreign policy.  I don’t like the fact that Guantanamo is still open and that we still have 16,000 mercenaries (I’ll refrain from using the current euphemism,

Sandra Fluke uses her 15 minutes to make important message on presidential election and future

In the late 60’s, Andy Warhol said that in the future, “everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”  I have always taken Warhol’s statement as an ironic comment on how the modern mass media creates so many fleeting celebrities, like