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An official endorsement: OpEdge urges voters to vote party line Democratic on Nov. 6

There are several good reasons to vote for Obama and many very good reasons to vote against Romney.  The most compelling case to be made, however, is to vote straight party line Democratic regardless of the individual candidates. Today’s Republican

Famous for being the sister-in-law of someone whose grandma is famous for being famous

When I saw Parade Magazine’s front cover of a semi-attractive young lady named Pippa Middleton watching a young girl eat a donut hanging by a string, I immediately thought of Miggy and A-Rod. Miggy, Miguel Cabrera, the best pure hitter

Does Romney deserve a free pass on foreign policy because he never represented a nation?

  The consensus in the main stream news media is that Obama won the debate on foreign policy, but that Romney did okay.   The view that Romney held his own neglects the fact that Mitt once again repudiated 24

I thought Mitt’s big issue was low taxes for rich; turns out he wants to use presidency to make money

Over the weekend I read Lee Fang’s expose of the “Romney Family Business” in the latest issue of The Nation. All this time I thought that the only thing Mitt Romney really cared about was lowering taxes on the wealthy.

Do voters condone lying by candidates? Corruption of elections may begin with the public

The reaction to the vice presidential and the second presidential debates reminds me of a mirror. When you look in a mirror you see yourself. In the case of these debates, it appears that opinion writers, pundits, political advisors and

The low minimum wage reduces to a subsidy to businesses

The statistic has been around for a few months now, but I just stumbled upon it and was amazed: Wal-Mart workers collectively receive $2.66 billion a year in food stamps, or $420,000 per Wal-Mart store in food stamps. Year after

Right-wing group thinks that program to have school children have lunch with new friends may turn kids gay

What could be more innocent and more reflective of basic American values than a program that encourages school children to have lunch with kids with whom they usually don’t associate?  It’s a wonderful way to encourage children to learn about

“Cap & trade” too complex. Why not just create more rigorous emissions standards and fine polluters?

Let’s take a break from the presidential election campaign to discuss a topic that both candidates seem to be largely ignoring: the environment – specifically the enormous amount of carbon wastes that human are spewing into the environment by burning

Why do so many right-wingers seem so grim and angry?

I normally associate fear with many conservative positions:  Fear of minorities and the poor. Fear of losing a job or a home. Fear of terrorist attack. Fear of cities and those that have different lifestyles and backgrounds. This fear of

Change in polls show Romney won debate and kudos to Parade Magazine

I wrote the other day that we wouldn’t know who really won the first presidential debate until the next polls of likely voters came out. That verdict is in, and it seems as if the pundits were right and Romney