Monthly Archives: November 2012

Behind surveys with ideological subtext lies an attempt to subtly shape the views of the audience

The number of surveys that news media are placing on their websites for their online followers seems to multiply daily. Most of the surveys reflect only the views of the respondents. Since the respondents self-select to take the survey, the

Some gifts you can give our society and economy on Black Friday

With the great American holiday of Black Friday in two short days, I wanted to suggest some gifts that my cherished readers can get for American society to celebrate the holiday season. Note that I wrote “get,” and not “buy,”

Possible Twinkies demise gives journalists another chance to equate bad food with good times

When I look back in fond nostalgia to childhood foods, I often remember the Syrian and Eastern European delicacies that my mother made for us at holidays. I can often almost taste the sweet fresh corn on the cob in

Of Petraeus the betrayer and DesJarlais the anti-choice abortion counselor

The news media is still wringing its hands in torment over the loss of their military darling, General David Petraeus, to the vagaries of carnal affection.  While some have wondered why an affair should force a resignation since it’s a

How Mark Twain might have imagined the 2012 presidential election

Friends, I remember the time centuries back when the souls of all the deceased presidents of the United States residing in heaven had their shorts up in a bunch because God’s hands-off policy was failing America. It looked as if