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Another example of the mass media telling us that being smart is a bad thing

A constant thread of anti-intellectualism runs through the mass media.  Mass media writers seem to embrace anti-intellectual assumptions: They pretend that simple math is hard.  They call good students “over-achievers” and “nerds” (a derogatory term now embraced by many who

Those opposed to greater gun control don’t realize giving up rights is what civilization is all about

“We give up our rights one piece at a time,” a West Virginia banker named Charlie Houck stated to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin recently during a meeting the Senator was holding in Beckley, WV on gun control. Yes, we

Does golfer Phil Mickelson plan to seek Russian citizenship to avoid paying U.S. taxes?

What do KPMG, Exxon-Mobil, Rolex, Barclay’s Bank and Calloway Golf have in common?  All of these corporations are paying tons of money to Phil Mickelson to say nice things about them.  Mickelson is a professional golfer who has won more

Walmart’s private sector economic stimulus package helps no one but Walmart

Walmart is making a big deal about two moves it announced this week, for which it is demanding applause and gratitude.  You could call it the Walmart private sector economic stimulus plan. The trouble is, it’s nothing but smoke and

Coke’s heavy-handed try to position itself as committed to good health ignores heavy people

Coke’s two-minute commercial telling us what it’s doing to fight the epidemic of obesity sweeping across America must contain two hundred people—all happy, many engaged with a Coke product, and none of them obese, or even overweight. Okay, okay, maybe

Justice Dept should spend more time prosecuting gun liars and no time prosecuting med. pot dispensaries

The absurdly ironic impact of politics on the justice system shines brightly on the front page of today’s New York Times. First we learn that, of the 80,000 Americans who the Justice Department (DOJ) knows committed the federal crime of

Do you want to get your opinions from someone who won’t even vote?

One sure sign someone has remained on stage too long is when they begins to embarrass themselves. Exhibit One this week is Jeff Greenfield, long-time political pundit who has worked for both ABC and CNN news and for the New

Why do prosecutors and judges obstruct justice?

In today’s New York Times, Adam Liptak details another case in which judges and prosecutors obstinately defend a wrong decision and thereby put a man’s life at stake. The headline of the article, “Lawyers Stumble, and Clients Take Fall” says

With all this talk of helping the middle class, both parties ignore the poor

Whenever there is a contentious issue between the two dominant political parties, the Democrats and many Republicans immediately depict their positions as better for the middle class. Below you’ll find a few of the thousands of quotes which put the