Monthly Archives: February 2013

Instead of being ashamed of our country, Rush Limbaugh should be ashamed of himself

Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh said on his national radio show that he is ashamed of the United States of America. And why? Because our intelligence is being insulted by the Obama Administration’s arguments against the sequester. You know, the

Let’s keep the military cuts in the sequester but not the cuts to social services

February’s crisis of the month is the looming “sequester,” which will automatically make deep cuts in government programs unless Congress gets its act together and passes an alternative fiscal plan by March 1. As usual when it comes to money

Paterno family implements a flawed PR strategy flawlessly

The family of Joe Paterno engaged in a media blitz this week in an effort to convince people that the Penn State sexual abuse report by ex-FBI director Louis Freeh was inaccurate when it said that Joe-Pa was part of

Products of the Year a pay-for-play PR trick parading as “People’s Choice” for art of selling

This week’s Parade magazine, in the Sunday issue of virtually every daily newspaper across the country, dedicated its cover and feature story to Products of the Year, which is an annual award given to new consumer products. Supposedly the American

Clarification about drones: they should be used only on a real battlefield

One of my Twitter followers asked a rhetorical question on Twitter and the OpEdge blogsite in response to my recent blog on drones being used to kill American citizens. The question: Terrorism = war? If so, drone kill is ok.

Bruce Willis gives perfect example of the slippery “slippery slope” argument

The very fact that Bruce Willis has a say in the public controversy about gun control demonstrates once again that the United States suffers from the advanced stages of celebriosis, defined as excessive brain damage from focusing too much on

Killing a U.S. citizen without due process and torture – what’s the difference?

For about 10 years, I have been embarrassed for my country because our leaders condoned and committed torture, and even dreamed up fanciful legal justifications. Perhaps the most odious of the legal arguments made by the Bush II administration for

Without humanistic, redistributive approach, we have much to fear from current automation

The Pollyannas and Panglosses among us like to look back at past instances of the automation of production or service-delivery as proof that the economy adjusts and people find newer, better-paying and more fulfilling jobs. A recent example is Catherine