Monthly Archives: March 2013

NYT Book Review prints another false stereotype that supports an ideological assumption

Lately it appears that the New York Times Book Review is trading in stereotypes that support the basic ideological assumptions of American life. Or maybe, I’m just starting to notice it. About two months ago, OpEdge analyzed a book review

Right-wingers turn gay marriage into sideshow keeping public from real problems

Gay marriage should be a no-brainer. We live in a secular society in which people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs interact in the public realm according to rules that apply to all and then go home and do as they

Could putting religion in public schools to quell violence be like pouring gas on a fire?

A new Mississippi law requires public schools to develop policies to allow students to pray over school intercoms and at assemblies and sporting events. The law permits students to pray publicly with a disclaimer from school administration. I imagine the

The six major outcomes of Iraq War should make us wary of future wars

As we approach the 10 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by U.S. forces we hear some calling for pursuing a war against Iran over its ostensible development of nuclear weapons. Before we pull the trigger on another military

Privatization of government services is nothing but a boondoggle for political cronies

I was pleased to read that 6 residents of Cincinnati are challenging the City Council’s plan to privatize parking. They want to put the plan on the ballot and let voters decide. The City Council is giving the typical reason

Parade list hides fact that corporate CEOs make so much money

Parade Magazine just came out with this year’s edition of “What People Earn,” which catalogues the jobs and earnings of about 80 people across the country. Surveying a mere 80 people doesn’t provide statistical certainty that the results reflect realty.

Who will buy things when only a few have money?

Was anyone shocked to learn today’s news that while corporate profits have made a recovery, jobs and incomes have not? Shouldn’t we be used to these jobless recoveries by now? The last two recoveries before this tepid one did not