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When it comes to unscrewing the lid off the public information vault in Virginia, size matters

Over the past 24 hours, the mass media has devoted tons of paper, billions of bytes and miles of videotape to commemorating a very small step in the progress towards emancipation of a minority group representing from 2.5%-10% of the

Let’s deep-six loophole that allows Apple & other U.S. companies to avoid U.S. taxes on foreign earnings

For those still wondering who benefits from the government intervention into the economy, I refer you to the case of Apple. Apple management wants to shore up its recently plunging stock by increasing the dividend and instituting a stock buy-back

Are we going to reduce ourselves to the level of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev by executing him?

If anyone deserves the death penalty, it’s Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving brother of the Chechen-American pair who planted the bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Three dead. Hundreds injured, some with limbs ripped out by shrapnel.  A

Let’s level the playing field by imposing sales tax on Internet merchants

The Wall Street Journal is always quick to ignore the wrongs to the many to protect the rights of the few—in this case the few being Internet merchants located in New Hampshire, a state without sales tax, who would have

Koch brothers buying Tribune Company would be newspaper business as usual

Progressives, liberals and maybe even a lot of centrists are shivering at the news that Charles and David Koch may buy part of the Tribune Company, including the largest newspapers in the second and third largest cities in America. The

Gun vote shows how money has corrupted our political system

I have nothing to add to the millions of people who have expressed dismay and shock that the Senate could not pass a bill to increase background checks on gun buyers. As all the media except for maybe Fox News

Only software that can write an essay should be allowed to grade them

One of the many controversies roiling education at the moment is the argument over grading essays with software programs. A nonprofit organization that is a joint venture between Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently began making automated essay-grading software

A proposal to make solar-powered electricity more feasible

In a co-op apartment, each tenant owns his or her own unit and has shares in a corporation that owns the apartment. Joining together collectively as a mini-government or a semi-socialist enterprise, the corporation (or a management company it hires)

Professional white males of ’50s & ’60s may not have been “Mad Men,” but did better than most

OpEdge logs a lot of keystrokes analyzing logical mistakes that appear to be made to advance a cause or an idea:  Surveys which use criteria that ensure the conclusions will support the beliefs of the survey takers. Articles that give