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Electrical utilities lobby against solar energy instead of developing their own solar capabilities

The New York Times article on electrical utilities lobbying against government support of solar powered electricity didn’t surprise me. It did disappoint me, though. You would think that given what electrical utility executives know about shortages of fossil fuels and

Smarmy eHarmony commercial brings Big Brother into the bedroom

Do Americans want a “Big Brother” figure involved in their intimate relationships? That’s what, one of the largest dating sites in the world, seems to be saying in a commercial that has been airing for many months now. The

Anthony Weiner’s lack of judgment makes him unqualified to serve as Mayor of New York

At the end of the day, what any politician does in his or her private life should not matter in considering his or her qualifications. None of us are without sin, and one would want one trait of any leader

Concentration of news origination can lead to repeated errors in media

At first glance it looks as if Americans have an abundance of news sources at their fingertips—at least the majority of us with easy access to the Internet. But as other public relations professionals may have noticed, sources of real

New York summer museum scene resembles an amusement park

That thousands of people would wait in line five hours or more for a 10-minute artificial experience of rain falling befuddles me. But that’s what they’re doing. For days, the New York news media has been reporting that people are

How does McDonald’s sample budget for employees reflect consumer ideology?

McDonald’s created a sample budget for its employees to help them do better financial planning.  The budget is so absurd in its assumptions and serves as such ready proof that Mickey Dee’s doesn’t pay its workers enough that you would

In the Zimmerman case, the judicial system worked, but the law was wrong

No one can see into the mind of George Zimmerman. A lot of the people disappointed in the not guilty verdict in his trial believe that he went out hunting someone, just like Bernard Goetz did in the New York

Oregon plan to base tuition on future income could end banks’ college loan gravy train

The Oregon state legislature has passed a bill asking a state commission to consider an innovative plan to charge bachelor degree recipients from state schools no tuition or fees, but instead make them pay 3% of their salary for 24

Insurance companies may become quiet heroes in fight for gun control

Frequent readers know that one of my favorite hobby horses is to defend government solutions to social problems against the absurd claims that the free market will solve all problems better than the government. Most of the facts are in

National atheist association shouldn’t resort to cheap rhetorical tricks

The full-page ad by the Freedom from Religion Foundation in the July 4th edition of many national news media, including The New York Times (where I saw it) does a great job or reminding us that our founding fathers were