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Bloody civil war in Iraq should remind us what could go wrong in Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry gave an impassioned rationale for attacking Syria. He tried to build the case for the absolute moral imperative to punish Bashar al-Assad for using chemical weapons on his own people and to prevent him from

For your reading pleasure, a poem from OpEdge author’s book

I’m going to start posting one the poems from my book, Music from Words, every few weeks and tell you something about it. My hope is that some dear readers will buy one or more copies of the book. The

Invading or attacking Syria would be a big mistake America and the world would regret

Regime change. It sounds so bland, so calm. So scientific. So bloodless. Here’s what it means: using force to take over another country and then impose a new set of leaders on it or a process guaranteed to produce a

Another proof we need to tax the wealthy more: funds for investing in guitars & stamps

The market for collectibles is booming.  Be it luxury race cars, paintings, stamps, coins, vintage wines or classic guitars, wealthy people are willing to pay a lot more money than they used to for possessions imbued with special value by

Wall Street Journal gets history wrong in blaming college high costs on increased government aid

The Wall Street Journal has launched a campaign to convince the American people that increased government aid, especially under Obama, has caused the incredible rise in the cost of going to college.  In the same day, the false notion that

Left-leaning economic columnist Eduardo Porter swallows nuclear power Kool-Aid

Eduardo Porter usually gives a reasoned argument on economic problems and it usually leads to a left-leaning solution such as raising taxes on the wealthy or more government investment. He generally approaches the myths of mainstream and conservative economic writers

Legal defense for NSA spying falls to new revelations of illegal spying

Defenders of National Security Agency (NSA) wholesale spying on Americans have asserted that it was and is legal, thanks to the Patriot Act. But it turns out that all too often the NSA has broken the law—2,776 times over a

Controlling the electorate in Egypt and the United States

The powers that be in Egypt seem to have the same view of democracy as those in the United States have: it’s fine as long as we get our way. In the United States, they pass laws that make it

Neoteny suggests we’d be better off if we didn’t take our childhood habits into adulthood

Everywhere we turn nowadays we see mass culture infantilizing adults. Here are some other examples of infantilization of American adults, by which I mean adults in late 20th century and early 21st century America behaving like children and enjoying the

Thumbs up to Lavabit, Silent Circle for closing, not cooperating with NSA; down to Pres. for wimping out

Two new American heroes have emerged in the fight for civil liberties and they’re both companies that do the same thing. The managements of Lavabit and Silent Circle, two secure email services, have decided to close their respective firms rather