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What is the biggest cause in the drop in crime rates?

The latest statistics demonstrate that New York City’s Draconian stop-and-frisk policy has not been the cause for a precipitous drop in the rate of violent crime in the five boroughs. Even after NYC’s finest curtailed stop-and-frisk without cause, crime rates

Ayn Rand Institute factotum tries to convince us Wal-Mart pays its employees enough

Right-wing factotum Doug Altner, an analyst with the Ayn Rand Institute, poses a provocative question in a Forbes article: If Wal-Mart is such a crappy place to work, why do 1.4 million Americans work there and many more want to?

Dunkin’ Donuts adds both extra sugar and salt to new hot chocolate-flavored concoction

The amazing thing about the diversity of manufactured food offerings in food stores and restaurants is the degree to which the proliferation of new food products leaves everything tasting the same: half salty and half sweet. For one thing, there’s

Pro-nuclear journalists nuke mainstream news media; fall-out is wasted time in addressing global warming

In the past week, both Eduardo Porter, a left-leaning columnist from the New York Times and Hendrik Hertzberg, a centrist-looking-left columnist at the New Yorker have advocated nuclear power as the necessary bridge to solar and wind power. Both writers

What do Wal-Mart and Arne Duncan have in common? Neither understands that it’s all about the wages

Two stories floating around the news media lately both make me want to shake the principal actors and yell in their faces, “Raise wages and you’ll solve the problem.” The first story involves Wal-Mart’s latest embarrassment—employees in it Canton, Ohio

In our adulation of the dead JFK, let’s not forget almost every myth about him is false

In the tsunami of stories about the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, no one yet has observed that JFK was one of the first and finest examples of manipulation of the mass media to elect

How often does mass media exhort public to imitate people who aren’t rich?

We’re seeing a very rare media trend this fall. Story after story in the style, living, home and even business sections of newspapers and websites are advising people to imitate individuals who aren’t famous and don’t earn a lot of

Nation’s Michelle Goldberg nails GOP for denying poverty exists

Michelle Goldberg puts a lot of facts together to reach her perceptive conclusions about Republican attitudes on American poverty in “Poverty Denialism,” in the latest Nation. Goldberg quotes the usual suspects—FOX commentators, Bobby Jindal, Tea Party Congressmen—to demonstrate that the

Rollout and communications snafus don’t invalidate good of Affordable Care Act

So far, the rollout of the health exchanges—the heart of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—has reminded me of the incompetence associated with the Bush II Administration. The interesting part of the Obama Administration’s bungling of the rollout is that the

Jewelry ads pop up – a sign that America’s favorite holiday—Black Friday—is fast approaching

On the side of the highway into Pittsburgh today I passed a billboard for Orr’s, a regional jewelry chain and it reminded me that we are about to be inundated with ads cajoling us to buy bits of rocks embedded