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Grading Obama’s State of the Union address: was it well-written?

Obama was Obama in his 2014 State of the Union address. He set an agenda that will help staunch the bleeding from more than 30 years of class warfare by the wealthy on the rest of us. But that’s all

New study shows that right-wing Christian values lead to higher rates of divorce

Call me counter-intuitive, but I always figured that divorce rates were higher in communities and states in which the Christian right dominated.  For one thing, fundamentalism predominates in rural and exurban areas, where there are really only three things to

Mass media gets high on stories about marijuana

Marijuana, lauded, rued and feared as an appetite stimulant, is causing the news media to get a major case of the munchies.  A pot-crazed mass media is chowing down on the devil weed as if it were a bottomless bowl

NY Times reviewer feels he has to remind us that anyone who watches serious theater is a snob

As New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff details in “To See or Not to See? A Season for High Art,” New York City theaters—Broadway and off—are currently offering an unusually large number of productions of what many call “serious”

NY Review author details extent of government financing crisis & a centrist way out

If you read one article this month—change that to this year—make it Jeffrey D. Sachs’ “Our Dangerous Budget and What to Do About It” in the New York Review of Books. Sachs, Director of Columbia University’s The Earth Institute, takes

Right-wing persists in pushing charter schools and cuts to education budgets

When it comes to education, it seems as if the right is more interested in ideological posturing than in actually helping to give children the knowledge and skills they need to live in the modern world, have rewarding careers and

Wall Street Journal diverts class warfare with false claim that middle class pays for poor to attend college

A Wall Street Journal article is reimagining university finances as a wealth transfer program that steals from the rich and middle class to give to the poor. In doing so, writer Douglas Belkin attempts to reframe the current class war

Christie forgets to apologize for creating atmosphere in which staff would consider political tricks

We should give New Jersey Governor Chris Christie the benefit of the doubt and assume that he told the absolute truth.  He did not know members of his staff ordered the closing of a lane leading onto to the George

Is reason conservatives don’t want legalized pot because as an illegal industry, it’s an unregulated free market?

I’m about to perform a feat of rhetorical daring and originality: I’m going to proffer a written opinion about the legalization of marijuana without sharing my experiences or lack of experiences with the drug. It seems as if virtually every