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Richard Berman, right-wing PR hack, tries “red baiting” proponents of raising minimum wage

Richard Berman is the kind of unethical public relations executive who gives the PR profession a bad name. His métier is to use right-wing money to establish and operate so-called think tanks that spew out spurious and misleading position papers,

As demise of Mt. Gox shows, anyone investing in bitcoins is a fool

Money has always been based on faith, even when it was theoretically convertible to gold or another precious metal. Throughout history, governments and economies have sometimes used gold, silver or copper as money, putting their faith in the value of

Wall Street Journal & New York Times cover same event. In one paper, audience loves Christie, in other they hate him

Today we saw a duel for spin control between our two most prominent newspapers, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The spin concerned how to interpret the response that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie received in his

CBO estimate on additional unemployment from raising minimum wage is probably wrong

The announcement by the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour will lead to 500,000 jobs disappearing is just wrong. Now I’m not saying that the report’s authors are lying or stupid, just

Conservatives play Limbo Rock with proposals to lower minimum wage

You can almost hear Chubby Checker intoning “How low can you go?” in the lowest register he could hit. What made me think of Chubby’s hit, “Limbo Rock” is the limbo dancing that conservatives are doing with the minimum wage.

Mattel buys cover of Sports Illustrated in campaign to congratulate itself for the image of women it sells

Sports Illustrated and Mattel have entered into a relationship based on the exchange of money and sex. For those who haven’t figured it out yet, the whore is Sports Illustrated. The transaction is what in advertising is called a “pay-for-play.”

More proof that adults are maintaining habits of childhood: adult fans of My Little Pony & Lego

For 30 years, children, primarily girls before their teen years, have played with plastic dolls called My Little Pony. The first My Little Pony hit the toy stores in 1983 as a single doll. Now manufacturer Hasbro sells dozens of

Joe Queenan’s narcissistic verbal selfie symbolizes what’s wrong with contemporary feature writing

How soon would you get bored if every other song on the radio station included the exact same guitar riff, usually at the beginning of the tune? Not long I imagine. Nothing to fear: music producers and musicians would figure

Republicans are right when they say ACA will ruin their economy, but it will improve the economy of the 99%

If a business owner has three job openings and 10 people apply, she can pay less than if only two apply. It’s one of the most simple examples of the law of supply and demand—the less the supply or the

New book by G. William Domhoff traces control of country by corporate elite since 1930’s

Here is an abridged version of my review of G. William Domhoff’s new book, The Myth of Liberal Acendancy: Corporate Domination from the Great Depression to the Great Recession, which appears in the Winter 2014 issue of Jewish Currents. Check out