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Christie should fire the PR advisors who let him release his bogus Bridgegate report

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie should fire the PR advisors who let him release his bogus Bridgegate report. The report may exonerate Christie from knowledge of the Bridgegate scandal, but the only ones taking it seriously are the Christie

We’re giving American society’s seed corn to the wealthy

The expression “eating the seed corn” is often used as a metaphor for not investing in the future. The expression means that a society or company is spending all its money instead of using some of it to make investments

It’s time to introduce Duke Energy Chair & CEO to “Orange is the New Black”

Duke Energy just doesn’t give a gnat’s posterior. Not for public safety, not for the law. Duke Energy flaunts its lawlessness like ancient King David and Bathsheba flaunting their adultery by cavorting in the streets. Duke, the largest electrical power

Does anyone want war? What else then do Obama’s Ukraine critics want him to do?

Anybody want to go to war over Crimea? Anyone want to see American soldiers die? Anyone want to see Ukrainian soil soaked with the blood of innocents? Anyone want to see the unspeakable tragedies of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria repeated?

Those who think union spending on elections offsets corporate spending aren’t adding up the numbers

A common mantra of the right-wing when the subject comes to spending by large organizations to influence elections is that unions do it more than business does. Recently the right has encapsulated this argument into a comparison between one family—the

Low taxes lead to privatization of U.S. science, as billionaires decide what research to fund

We may be entering a new age of court sponsorship similar to Renaissance Europe when landed nobility adopted painters, sculptors, playwrights, choreographers and writers, supporting their efforts and in return reaping some of the glory of creation. But in this

It’s time the West, Russia and Ukraine think about exchanging Crimea for money, stability and non-interference

When representatives of nations get together to carve up territory to fabricate other nations, their process usually resembles that of unethical sausage makers. Take the abominations created by the winners of World War I: Yugoslavia was created out of Croatia,