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Law dean rationale for making insider trading legal would allow murder, theft & anything else bad people do

It seems as if the bad idea of the week always shows up on the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal. This week it’s the idea that insider trading of stocks should be legal, proffered by Henry Manne, dean

British Lord puts a happy face on environmental degradation and resource shortages

One of the most powerful rhetorical devices is to cherry pick your criteria to get the result you want.  We see a classic example of it in “The Scarcity Fallacy,” the lead essay in the Wall Street Journal’s “Review” section

Latest right-wing hero little more than a scofflaw—& now it turns out he’s also a racist

How Cliven Bundy became a hero to the right-wing is beyond me. Bundy is the rancher who has refused to pay fees to graze his cattle on public lands for more than 20 years. As the New York Times noted,

WSJ opinion page is the hot spot for intellectuals who sell out to right-wing money

Michael A. Carvin, Yaakov M. Roth and Michael Saltsman have a lot in common.  All three are highly educated and learned white males who work for professional services firms as knowledge workers dedicated to both written and unwritten sets of

Sometimes a TV commercial is more entertaining than TV

The latest version of the monster movie, Godzilla, will hit the screens sometime next month. As a child, I used to love the cheesy Japanese Godzilla movies, but I gave up Godzilla about the same time that I picked up

Obama fumbles opportunity to improve relations with Iran

The Obama Administration made a big mistake denying a visa to Iran’s new ambassador to the United Nations, Hamid Aboutalebi. The United States should be seeking to improve our relations with Iran so that they will cease development of nuclear

Differences between red and blue states predate the Civil War

In rereading Eric Foner’s Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution recently, I ran across an interesting description of the contrast in the society and economy between pre-Civil War North and South. Foner references the important insight of another historian, James L. Acorn,

Lesson from Pennsylvania knife attack: We need more gun control

I don’t mean to trivialize the injuries suffered in the knife attack perpetrated by a high school sophomore at a high school in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.  It’s another in a long and seemingly endless line of incidents of mass violence at

Head of Columbia business school wants to flood labor market to suppress wages

From the solutions he offers to the labor challenges facing the U.S. economy in his article titled “Where Have All the Workers Give,” Glenn Hubbard must think that the problem is a lack of workers, not a lack of jobs.

If it were up to mainstream news media, there would be no fall election & we would just hand Senate to Republicans

Each new day seems to bring another story predicting Democratic disaster in the November election. One day it’s statistician Nate Silver predicting gloom for the Democrats. The next day it’s an obscure pundit like David Wasserman or Pew Center director