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Another proof that it’s time to raise taxes on the ultra-wealthy

The number 400,000 has taken on a new significance. It’s a big number, and when you add a dollar sign in front of it, it looms even larger. As it turns out, only about the top one percent of all

Study proves with numbers that politicians tend to vote for what rich people want

A new study makes the amazing discovery that politicians usually vote conscience—unfortunately it’s the conscience of the rich people who contribute the most to their campaigns. In an article titled “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups and Average

Sexually explicit TV star replaces stolid man of honor as American Airlines’ ideal traveler

Over the past three weeks, I have found the same eight-page slick mostly black-and-white advertising brochure for American Airlines inserted in one or other of my daily newspapers—The New York Times and Wall Street Journal—at least six times. This extended

U.S. history is studded with presidential dynasties from day one

Whenever the news media begins to stir about Jeb Bush running for president, a pundit or two does some verbal hand-wringing about the ruinous state of our democracy if the wife of one former president ran against the brother/son of

Christie shows once again that Republican Party is no friend to the working class

No one likes to play pension politics more than the Republicans.  For example, over the past few years, Republican politicians and their fellow travelers have accused public workers of receiving overly generous pensions as a means to drive a wedge

NH town should fire police commissioner who called the President the N-word

Everyone has the right to exercise free speech, except when they are serving as a representative of an organization. As an organizational representative, what you say should hew to the standards and beliefs of the organization. It’s amazing how many

Colleges across the country show that two wrongs don’t make it right

Across the country, colleges are holding graduation ceremonies for hundreds of thousands of graduates. But what used to be called the graduation season is rapidly gaining a new name: commencement speaker cancellation season. This year in particular there seems to

If comic strips are an indication, breakfast in bed is out for moms on Mother’s Day

As in 2012, I thought I would analyze Mother’s Day this year through the lens of the Sunday comics.  And what a difference two years makes! For one thing, two years ago I looked at all 20 comics printed in

News media finally pays attention to problem they helped to create—infantilization of adults

The American news media may finally be starting to cover a trend that they helped to create—the infantilization of American adults. The infantilized adult continues the pursuits, hobbies, predilections, opinions and thought processes of youth instead of growing into mature,

Article claims to tell us what rich people believe but is really telling us what they want us to believe

U.S. News & World Report is fronting another article that purports to tell us how rich people think. As with other articles of this ilk, “7 Things Rich People Believe” reduces to a series of ideological beliefs presented as facts.