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End of net neutrality, start of publishing monopoly, big cable merger—we’re approaching de facto censorship

Remember when the growth of the Internet was supposed to level the playing field between large and small companies and between rich and poor individuals and organizations. Sure, the wealthy and large could buy more ads, but the cost to

As Geoffrey Parker’s Global Crisis shows, governments have waged war instead of helping citizens for centuries

Global Crisis by British historian Geoffrey Parker presents the 17th century as a case history of the devastation that climate change can wreck upon human societies. The 1600s experienced an enormous number of droughts, lengthy winters, floods, major earthquakes and

Jump Street: once again, a movie character portrayed as intelligent is uncoordinated and socially inept

With “22 Jump Street” one of the most popular movies of the summer, it is instructive to remember how the two bros of this cop bromance met in “21 Jump Street,” the first of the Jump movies. The Jonah Hill

No matter what happens, we shouldn’t send troops to Iraq

People don’t seem to want to give Barack Obama credit for the little improvements he has made over former presidents. No matter how bad drone assassinations are, they are much less barbaric and inhumane than Bush II torture.  Under Obama,

Latest bad idea from right-wing economists: cure wealth inequality with more policies that make us unequal

Now that conservatives and their academic factotums realize that they can no longer deny that we have become a world in which inequality is growing, they are beginning to fight a rear-guard action by declaring that the way to reverse

Obama Administration trade for Bergdahl shows they’ve learned the meaning of due process

The hullabaloo around the exchange of one U.S. serviceman for five Taliban prisoners kept for years at the Guantanamo prison on the island of Cuba has grown beyond the point of a tremendous echo that is so loud it swallows

Biography of Ariel Sharon shows that the general known for his brutal treatment of Palestinians was always just following orders

I have another book review in Jewish Currents, this one about David Landau’s extensive biography of Ariel Sharon, known for both his brutal prosecution of war against the Palestinians and his unilateral decision in 2005 to dismantle Israeli settlements and