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Greedy, self-serving billionaire thinks buying yacht is act of charity

Dennis M. Jones is a billionaire who claims that the $34 million he paid for his new yacht was a form of charity since the yacht creates jobs in the manufacturing, maintenance, cleaning, furnishing, decorating, cooking, and serving industries. Funny,

Fill in the blank: Americans are living in the land of the____. My answer: guns

What comes first to mind when you think of the United States? High standard of living? Beacon of representational democracy? The melting pot? Consumer society?  Fast food and blockbuster movies? Land of the free? Home of the brave? Not me.

A TV commercial subtly suggests cannibalism, another makes fun of those with disabilities

Two commercials currently on TV are making me—and probably most other viewers—squirm with discomfort. Both are meant to be funny, but once explained, the logic behind the humor may turn stomachs. The first is a spot for Lay’s potato chips

George Mason professor tries to play Washington Generals to Thomas Piketty’s Harlem Globetrotters

Another transparently deceptive article on wealth inequality by George Mason economics professor Tyler Cowen has me wondering if Cowen has decided to play Washington Generals to Thomas Piketty’s Harlem Globetrotters. The Harlem Globetrotters is an exhibition basketball team known for

Former patriot of the year puts money ahead of country—but isn’t that the American way?

It turns out that Heather Bresch is as much a patriot as she was a student. Ms. Bresch is chief executive officer of Mylan, Inc., a large maker of generic prescription drugs which recently announced that it is buying Abbott

Anti-tax sentiment in the 17th century was anti-war; today, it’s pro the wealthy

Reading about the 17th century in Geoffrey Parker’s Global Crisis really helps one understand our current challenges. Parker’s thesis is that the extreme weather conditions across the world in the 17th century tipped what would otherwise be normal political disruptions

Racism reborn as theories on Western superiority

We’re seeing more theories exploring the reasons why the West dominates the world order or why the West has developed a more advanced culture. A few years back, a scientist tried to show that geography determined when and which cultures

Ranking the presidents since World War II shows what a sorry lot they have been

A recent survey found that a sampling of about 1,300 Americans rank Ronald Reagan as our best president since World War II and Barack Obama as the worst—just nosing out that supreme incompetent George W. Bush AKA Bush II. I’m

After yesterday’s Hobby Lobby decision, don’t forget it’s Ralph Nader’s court as much as Robert’s

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision to allow privately held companies to opt out of covering contraception for their female employees pretty much delivers the 2016 presidential election to the Democrats, which probably means Hillary Clinton. The numbers (which come from the