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Hold your nose & vote Democratic if you want our elected officials to work for the 99%

Today’s the day for my annual Vote Straight Democrat essay. These past few years it seems to be an exercise in futility in every other area than social issues, as many Democrats are almost as right-wing as the Republicans on

Kellogg’s adds to infantilization of American adults with Fruit Loops TV spot

It’s Saturday night. The kids are in bed and their early-thirties parents are finally alone.  She slips into a negligee while he opens a bottle of wine. She turns off the lights and waits for him on the sofa by

Pennsylvania legislature & Governor join forces with NRA to put more guns in hands of criminals

On election day the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will most certainly sweep out of office Tom Corbett, their ultra-rightwing Republic Governor who drastically cut aid to public education, impeded implementation of the Affordable Care Act, kept taxes and

Scenes from the class warfare the rich are waging against everyone else

For days, images of the Philadelphia public school system have haunted me. More than 30 children in one class share 11 math books. Bathrooms locked because there aren’t enough hall monitors. What’s most heartbreaking is to know that just a

USC law & business professor latest to pretend rich pay enough taxes in the United States

Reading Professor Edward Kleinbard’s opinion piece titled “Don’t Soak the Rich” in the New York Times reminds me of Mark Twain. Not that Kleinbard can write fluently and passionately in a variety of styles and dialects. No, Kleinbard makes me

In the idealized world of television commercials, we care at least as much about dogs as we do about children

Television commercials collectively present an idealized version of the real world. It’s the real world as imagined by the collective minds of the companies that advertise.  “Ad World” is primarily a suburban, middle-class world of two-car, two-parent families and affluent

Let’s distinguish between sentiment against the actions of the Israeli government and pure anti-Semitism

The current wave of anti-Semitism in Western Europe is much more complicated than traditional European hatred of Jews, but it is also much less virulent and much less widespread.  Thanks to the efforts of virtually all governments and the European

It will take many steps to re-instill progressive values into American politics, but the start is a democratic sweep in November

It’s becoming increasingly hard for a progressive to like the current run of Democratic candidates. So many of the candidates running for Congress, Senate and statewide offices are centrist or right-wing whose politics are not even barely acceptable to the

Proctor & Gamble’s attempt to rebrand Metamucil will likely get mired in deep you-know-what

In the world of marketing, the second hardest thing to do is to establish a brand. The hardest is to change the brand. But that’s what Metamucil is trying to do with an integrated marketing campaign that includes placing ads

It wasn’t a natural law but human greed & disregard of suffering that led to today’s great inequality of wealth & income

The past few days, OpEdge has been printing excerpts from the article I wrote on Thomas Piketty’ Capitalism in the 21st Century, which appeared in the most recent Jewish Currents.  This final excerpt from the article discusses my criticism of