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Ferguson grand jury verdict probably not racist, but policing strategies and judicial system are

According to Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, the altercation that led to him pulling the trigger of his gun and killing Michael Brown last August started when either Brown or his friend said “Fuck what you have to say.”

Should we mourn end of the American holiday of Black Friday or celebrate new holiday of Black Friday Week?

How long is Black Friday? A day? A weekend? A week? Now that American retailers have freed themselves from the taboo against shopping on Thanksgiving, Black Friday can mean anything one likes. With more and more stores offering discounts and

Bill Cosby will once again be a beloved comedian, but only after his death

Once over the initial shock of learning that Bill Cosby probably raped multiple women in a particularly disgusting manner, my analytical side took over and I began to wonder if it will ever be possible for Bill Cosby to rehabilitate

America digs deeper into Middle Eastern quagmire—a headline that could be written at any time over past 50 years!

One comment on National Public Radio this morning should jolt anyone into an epiphany about the brutal absurdity of the United States foreign policy since at least World War II. When asked about the attitude of Syrians regarding the prospect

Obama’s aggressive announcements since the elections: Is he courageous or in the endgame of wimping out?

On the surface, it seems as if progressives should applaud the actions of President Obama in the wake of his devastating repudiation by 36.3% of the electorate. Instead of hiding in his man cave for the next two years, he

Whom can we blame for the fact that 63.7% of the public didn’t vote, besides the nonvoters themselves!

Who are the 63.7% of the population who didn’t vote in mid-term elections this year? That’s the highest percentage of people to sit on their hands on election day since 1942, when poll taxes and voting restrictions prevented a significant

Our worst fear should be an accommodation between President Obama & Republican legislators

Typically I would take with a grain of salt the consensus analysis of the midterm elections: that the voters repudiated President Obama. But it’s hard to come to any different conclusion when you dig into statewide and local initiatives, which

Foreign Affairs writers all learn the same thing from recent wars—unfortunately, it’s how to fight future wars

The current issue of Foreign Affairs exemplifies one of the most common of all propaganda devices: selection of possibilities. It’s a simple yet powerful tool for fooling people: you say you’re going to get experts to discuss an issue, but