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The American approach to helping middle class always seems to help the rich more

When the Obama Administration announced plans to begin taxing future withdrawals from 529 college savings plans, those in favor played up the fact that 70% of all tax savings benefits from 529 plans go to families with more than $200,000

You can count on Wall Street Journal to deliver all the bogus facts rightwingers need to create an alternative reality

Conservative think tanks and business associations know that they can always plant a bogus survey or an opinion piece by a bought-and-sold expert in the pages of The Wall Street Journal. That is, as long as the study supports unregulated

Paterno case raises a broader issue of praise and blame

“The Rehabilitation of Paterno, Back at No. 1” read the New York Times  front page headline when the news hit of the settlement of the lawsuit brought against the NCAA for its sanctions of the Penn State football program because

What took Obama so long to address our unfair tax system? And why is his plan so complicated?

Barack Obama started with majorities in both the House and Senate. Six years later the opposition holds both. Why did the president wait until he was in the overwhelming minority to push for higher taxes for the wealthy and lower

NCAA doesn’t exonerate Joe Paterno, it cuts a business deal to end a lawsuit

Some Penn State football fans are acting as if they won the national championship. That’s the reaction I read in the quotes I’ve culled from news articles about the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) settlement of the lawsuit filed by

Contrast in coverage shows how mainstream media trivializes big issues

This week both the New York Times and Nation magazine covered the continued ill will that the New York police department has been directing at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio since His Honor joined most New Yorkers in

Warrior cops continue to destroy civil liberties and the lives of innocent people

I’ve been suffering a slight case of cognitive dissonance lately, a disorientation that stems from residing in two worlds at once. One world is the TV show “The Wire.” I’ve been streaming and watching all the episodes from beginning to

The print version of the New York Times now looks like a great regional newspaper of 1990

I couldn’t help but notice the sudden outcrop of advice columns in the printed edition of The New York Times. The Times now has five weekly advice columns, one each for etiquette, job issues, ethics, real estate matters and consumer

New Yorker story tells anecdote that seems impossible on the surface

Sometimes you just know that either the reporter is lying or has been hornswoggled by the person she/he is quoting. Maybe it’s because everything seems so pat and happens in accordance with commonly held ideas including false ones. Or in