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We learn same old lesson from Indiana law that claims to protect religious rights: Money talks

When did the fight about religious liberty change from protecting the right to practice in private to asserting a right to impose a religious practice on a public space? It’s a rhetorical question, because history tells us that for at

House budget seeks to make war, not love thy neighbor

Snip, snip, snip. They’re cutting down the nets. I’m not talking about overjoyed college basketball players standing on ladders to cut down the basket nets to the cheers of rabid fans after advancing to the next round of the National

Ted Cruz is more likely to become star orator on the rightwing rubber chicken circuit than president

With all the imagining Ted Cruz was doing in his speech announcing he’s running for president, one thing I don’t think he was imagining was winning. In fact, I’m convinced Cruz knows he’s not going to win and he doesn’t

Koch Industries uses college sports programming to try to brainwash American public

Why would a major university want to be associated with a company that has spent tens of millions of dollars espousing views that go against mainstream science and the preponderance of historical economic data? Do I even have to supply

Basic premise of rightwing economics makes American society unfit, according to latest evolutionary theories

In Does Altruism Exist, David Sloan Wilson lays down the most advanced theory of how natural selection works. He reduces libraries worth of research and studies to a single statement: Within groups, selfish behavior by individuals succeeds, but between groups,

Another journalist revels in self-proclaimed stupidity by averring he’s afraid of math

There must be some unwritten law that journalists for the mainstream media are not allowed to write about a topic that involves numbers unless they first establish that they dislike, fear or are unable to understand math. Setting aside the

GOP letter to Iran is not about treaty but about undermining the legitimacy of President Obama

Republicans, and Democrats for that matter, have every right to make public their opposition to negotiating an agreement that will slow down or stop Iran’s development of nuclear weapons in return for lifting severe economic sanctions on Iran. But I

Here’s a poem I wrote 6 years ago about the second Selma march

It’s easy to forget that there were three Selma marches. March 7 commemorates the bloody first march in which state troopers and a county posse attacked 600 unarmed marchers when they reached the Edmund Pettis Bridge. The marchers had wanted

Ferguson financing city operations on backs of the poor is just business as usual

The U.S. Department of Justice Report on the Ferguson, Missouri police department (FPD) makes clear that the City of Ferguson made raising revenue the primary objective of the FPD and the Ferguson court system. In budgets, memos, emails, commands to

Global warming deniers share many characteristics with those who defended slavery in first half of 19th century

On close inspection, the political and economic dynamics involving man-made global warming over the past 40 years resemble those of slavery in the United States from about 1790 until the Civil War. In both the case of slavery and man-made