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Riots like in Baltimore won’t stop until police treat African-Americans with respect & without violence

There is absolutely no excuse for the riots and the fires in Baltimore. Violence is never the appropriate way to seek redress of grievances in a civil society. But just because we don’t condone, does not mean that we can’t

Drones & other automated weapons dehumanize the enemy & make it easier to go to war

It’s so easy to kill an animated figure on a screen in a video game. And then another, and then another, each of them so realistic in their detail that they could almost be human. Pretty soon you’ve knocked off

Surveys show Americans succumbing to lies of the gun lobby

Charles Blow has written the column I toyed with writing, dreaded writing and avoided writing. In “Has the NRA won?” Blow analyzes the evidence that the United States has become a nation of gun lovers who incorrectly believe that they’re

New Kansas law picks the pockets of the poor while humiliating them in the process

When Republicans support or pass a law to address a non-problem, they usually have an ulterior motive. Take the slew of recent state laws making it harder to vote. The stated rationale behind these laws is to prevent voter fraud,

OpEdge’s Marc Jampole & Barry Wallenstein perform their poetry May 21, 7:00 pm, 50 West 13th Street, Manhattan

OpEdge followers living in the New York City area are in for a treat, I write somewhat fat-headedly. I’m performing my poetry in a feature reading on May 21 at 7:00 pm at the Thirteenth Street Theater, 50 West 13th

Hillary will win in November unless Americans want to end Social Security, Medicare & aid to public schools

Now the media attacks on Hillary will begin in earnest, if for no other reason than there is nothing much else to say about the campaign to become the 2016 Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Hillary has

Indiana pious pizza purveyors latest example of the rightwing touting bogus victims

A coordinated rightwing effort raises $840,000 for a pizza joint in a small town in Indiana through crowd-sourcing when the pizza place supposedly closed down in the face of an avalanche of threats after the owners told local news media

What do Pet Rocks and handbags made from frog and anaconda skin have in common?

Would you pay $17.23 for a smooth gray-colored stone that could fit in your hand, something you could find at almost any municipal park for free? That’s the equivalent value in today’s money of what people paid for Pet Rocks