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Foreign Affairs writer compares today’s Islamic wars to 17th century wars between Catholics & Protestants

In the latest Foreign Affairs, political scientist John M. Owen IV starts to make the case that we can compare the current state of unrest in Islamic territories to the European wars of religion of about 450 years ago, in

Anyone interested in ideological foundation of contemporary culture should read R. Williams’ Keywords

In 1976, British cultural philosopher and novelist Raymond Williams published Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society, which analyzed the origins and uses of 110 words that are important to the way we organize concepts about society and politics. Forgotten

Implementing progressive agenda would do a lot to end inequality & grow the economy

My thanks go out to Rich Kelley, a marketing consultant for Jewish Currents, who has shown me where to find the 13-point progressive plan for America that New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio was promoting in Washington. He sent

Jewish Currents article explores whether morality and religion are hardwired into humans

The Latest issue of Jewish Currents has an essay of mine titled “Morality Without Religion, Religion Without God,” which reviews some of the latest findings of anthropologists and primatologists which provide strong evidence that morality—and perhaps religion—are innate to humans,

By killing Boston Marathon bomber, we stoop to his level of barbarism & depravity

The jury that sentenced Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death had a choice. They could have imprisoned Tsarnaev for life. But these 12 supposedly civilized men and women choice to do unto the Boston Marathon bomber what he had

Warren & De Blasio tell us how to improve economy & society, while Christie offers plan for ultra-wealthy

We’ve seen two agendas for America’s future released within a 24-hour period: the new contract for America by New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (in order of size of population represented), which they presented

If Clinton is the Democratic nominee, progressives would be fools not to vote for her in November

The past few days, I have been sharing excerpts from my lengthy Vox Populi article on Hillary Clinton’s probable positions on most of the issues likely to form the basis of the 2016 presidential campaign. Here is one final excerpt: We

Hillary Clinton’s stand on issues makes her a centrist looking left

As I mentioned yesterday, the progressive website Vox Populi has published four articles about Hillary Clinton’s campaign, including my analysis of her position on issues. In this excerpt from my Vox Populi article, I dig into her recent statements to

News media would still focus on irrelevant even if Hillary had issued a complete platform

The progressive website Vox Populi asked me to write a complete analysis of Hillary Clinton’s positions on the entire range of issues which will—or should—dominate the presidential campaign.  You can find my complete article and three other articles about Hillary’s

We should take savings from ending mass incarceration laws & spend it on education & social welfare programs

In some ways, the term “mass incarceration” is a misnomer. The term immediately conjures images of rounding up large numbers of people at one time, most of them innocent of a crime, much as the Nazis rounded up Jews during